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Suzanne Brockmann -- Prince Joe

Suzanne Brockmann -- Prince Joe

Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . ♥   {4.55}
Action: ♠♠.♠ / Emotion: ♣♣♣.♣ / Romance: ♥♥♥♥.♥ / Sensuous: ♦.♦ / Suspense: ♠♠♠.♠
Action: 2.2 / Emotion: 3.9 / Romance: 4.8 / Sensuous: 1.9 / Suspense: 3.9  //  Laughter: 4 / Giggle: 1  //  Tears: 3 / Teary: 0

  2000 All About Romance Top 100 Romances #30
  2004 All About Romance Top 100 Romances #64
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Setting:       Prologue: Baghdad     //     Chapter One: Washington, D.C.
Era:             January 1991              //        A Few Years Later {1996}
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After reading Prince Joe, for the first time eight years ago {June 30, 2007}, and falling in love with Brockmann's writing style, it became imperative to go online and find the (then) somewhat rare and definitely expensive used books of this series for an entertaining Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series read-fest.   (It's too bad that the Brockmann discovery didn't happen several years later, because after the books in this series were re-issued, they then became available at a reasonable cost.)   Nevertheless, it appears that this book was the beginning of a burning desire to read anything that Brockmann wrote.

After reading Prince Joe and the rest of this Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series, followed by the Troubleshooter Series, Suzanne Brockmann has became a favorite author.   As a result, any book written by this gifted storyteller will automatically be given a higher rating simply because of personal preferences and biases.

Even though Harlequins were the sole source of romance reading materials during my teen years . . . and for many, many years thereafter, having now graduated to full-length, main stream romances, these shorter "series" romances published by Harlequin no longer rock my romantic world the way they did way back then.   Due to the restrictions Harlequin imposes upon its authors, these shorter, tamer romances now seem a bit lacking.   Not always, but generally, these series books are too short to include the {1} complex character development, {2} extensive, exciting action-packed scenes, {3} intense, suspenseful story buildup, {4} slow-building romance, and {5} sizzling sensuality that makes for a top-notch, excellent read.

The notes penciled in the back of Prince Joe after my first reading of this book indicate that it was an attention-grabbing, interest-keeping book full of sensuality that was definitely worth re-reading.   Having just put down (without finishing) two Romantic Suspense books that were not able to inspire the awe and interest necessary for a worthwhile read, it became necessary to turn to a book that already had a proven track record.   And while Prince Joe is, indeed, a fun, appealing, enjoyable read, it was not as pleasurable this second time around simply because this shorter series book simply cannot be comparable to any of Brockmann's full-length Troubleshooter Series books.

As usual, Brockmann did a phenomenal job of drawing her readers into the story by writing an entertaining, interest-provoking prologue to the book.   She introduced the hero, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Joseph "Joe" Paulo "Cat" Catalanotto, the commander of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad setting charges to the wall surrounding the Ustanzian Embassy in Baghdad to rescue Tedric Cortere, the crown prince of Ustanzia, from the war-ravaged area.   The members of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad were briefly named and it was easy to want to continue reading to find out why Brockmann revealed that the rescued crown prince just happened to look exactly like Joe.

The book opens a few years later with the heroine, Veronica St. John (pronounced 'Sinjin'), a professional image and media consultant, joining her client, Tedric Cortere, the crown prince of Ustanzia, on a goodwill tour of the United States in Washington, D.C. worrying about the impression Tedric would make on the politicians and paparazzi because his actions would ensure her success (or failure) in her new business.   Veronica had a brief moment in which she came across as just the kind of skilled, kick-ass heroine necessary for a military-based romance when she spotted a sniper and saved the prince's life.

It is at this point that readers are introduced to Tedric Cortere and Brockmann begins to reveal his personality traits in her skilled, extremely descriptive manner that shows Tedric as a self-absorbed, unlikeable man.   Although it is too soon to know where Brockmann is headed, as the story continues, Tedric is basically exposed as a single-dimensional character, with no redeeming personality characteristics.
After she'd tackled him earlier today, he'd been dragged away to safety.   She hadn't seen or heard from him since.   At the time, he hadn't bothered to thank her for saving his life -- apparently he had no intention of doing so now.   She was working for him, therefore she was a servant.   He would have expected her to save him.   In his mind, there was no need for gratitude.   (Veronica, page 19)
Since Tedric seldom actually appears on the pages of book, his offensive personality is revealed as Veronica compares him to Joe, the man called upon to stand in for Tedric on his goodwill tour.   It was imperative that the tour of the United States continue so that the prince could garner the adoration of the U.S. citizens so the government could offer Ustanzia financial support in building the wells necessary to extract it's newfound oil.   And in keeping with the theme that Tedric was totally unredeemable, it was explained that he was not that interested in building his country's economy -- rather, it was his sister, Princess Wila Cortere, Veronica's prep-school roommate and long-time friend who wanted to better her country's economic status.

Even though they may look alike, Brockmann emphasized the animosity and differences between Joe and Tedric during that first meeting when Joe is abruptly jerked from his leave and flown to D.C. because the powers that be wanted to continue the tour because the sniper who shot at Prince Tedric was tied to the terrorist named Diosdado Perez, who happened to be on the Most Wanted list for several bombings that killed hundreds of Americans.   Tedric, who thought he was entitled to preferential treatment was not happy with Joe's lack of respect.
Joe looked around the room, his gaze landing on Prince Tedric's face.   Tedric was staring at him as if he were a rat that had made its way into the hotel room from the street below.
Joe's smile faded, and was replaced by another scowl.   "Well," he said.   "I'll be damned.   If it isn't my evil twin."
. . .
"Don't you know who you're talking to, young man?   This is the crown prince of Ustanzia," Senator McKinley said sternly to Joe.
"Damn straight I know who I'm talking to, Pop," Joe said tightly.   . . .   "My team of SEALs pulled this bastard's sorry butt out of Baghdad."   He turned back to Tedric.   "Keeping free and clear of war zones these days, Ted, you lousy bastard?"   (page 38)
Joe was portrayed as Tedric's diametric opposite when it came to honor, values, loyalty, and worth.   In fact, Brockmann went overboard when it came to delineating Joe's attributes.   Joe was bestowed with so many skills and talents, that you could almost believe that he didn't even need a team behind him -- he could take on the world single-handedly and win.   However, Joe was saved from being the "perfect" hero (barely) because he revealed his male arrogance and know-it-all-ed-ness in the manner in which he interacted with Veronica as she tried to 'train' him to walk, talk, and act like the crown prince so Joe could fool the dignitaries, the press, and the terrorist faction who was after Tedric.

Not only was Joe the ultimate man's man, but he was the kind of compassionate, caring, sometimes vulnerable hero that every romance reader dreams about.   One of the most memorable and tear-inducing scenes in the book was when Joe revealed that he was not immune to the humane feeling of despair when he left the room of ten-year old Cindy Kaye, after visiting with the dying little girl in Saint Mary's Hospital.

Joe may have had the self-confidence and self-reliance of an extraordinarily skilled and capable Navy SEAL commander, so much so that he kowtowed to no man, it was a bit disappointing to see him brought low by his insecurities and vulnerabilities when it came to Veronica's social status and wealth.   Brockmann did a great job of revealing Joe's past -- of climbing out of the slums of New Jersey, the son of a drunken mother who cleaned the homes of the wealthy, a boy with no father, to become one of the elite, the best of the best.
In his world, a man was judged by his actions, by his perseverance, by his loyalty and stamina.   In his world, a man who'd made it into the SEALs was treated with honor and respect -- regardless of the way he looked.   Or smelled.   (Joe, page 35)
Brockmann, however, failed to build a past for Veronica.   The details about Veronica were sketchy at best.   Her parents traveled thither and yon, and she and her brother were relegated to boarding schools.   Her father was an international businessman who moved to a different and exotic county every year or so.   But what was it that required such travel?   How did Veronica feel about being stuck in a boarding school?   What happened to make her develop the reserved, British upper-crust, façade she portrayed?   Readers were constantly left to wonder about Veronica's nationality.   Through Admiral Forrest, Brockmann revealed that Veronica was an America.   However, many of the statements Veronica made throughout the book implied that she felt she was British.   Why couldn't Brockmann have revealed some childhood stories revealing Veronica's interactions with both her beloved brother, Jules, and her best friend, Princess Wila?

Joe and Veronica were thrown into close proximity and an undeniable attraction arched between them.   They were kept apart for a great portion of the book because of their separate beliefs that the other was an inappropriate candidate at first, as lover material, and second, as future spouse material.   Rather than feature action scenes and build the suspense in this story, Brockmann spent a great deal of time stressing the feelings of romance, caring, and lust that consumed Joe and Veronica.
maybe she was afraid that the overwhelming attraction they both felt would ignite in a violent, nearly unstoppable explosion of need.   (Joe, page 87)

What was unexpected was this odd sense of caring, this emotional noose that had somehow curled itself around his chest.   (Joe, page 88)

Their fabulous, heart-stoppingly romantic kiss.   . . . that kiss had been laced with tenderness and laden with emotion.   It was unlike any kiss she'd experienced ever before.   (Veronica, page 97)

It had just been something to shout about, because Lord knew she couldn't walk up to him and shout that his kiss had turned her entire would upside down and now she was totally, utterly and quite thoroughly off-balance.   (Veronica, page 102)

As he gazed into her eyes, the attraction between them seemed to crackle and snap, like some living thing.   (Joe, page 107)

That kiss had been more than a kiss.   It had been an exchange of emotions, a joining of souls.   It had been filled with feelings she didn't want to feel, powerful feelings for a man who scared her more than she wanted to admit.   (Veronica, page 150)  

Her eyes met his, and something flamed -- something, hot, something molten, something that seared him to his very soul, something that made his already dry mouth turn into something resembling the floor of Death Valley.   (Joe, page 167)

She wanted him, and she wanted him to know it.   (Joe, page 168)
It is obvious that Brockman was just beginning to create the kind of books that won her future awards with Prince Joe as she utilized the much-used, and frustratingly ever-present self-talk by both of Joe and Veronica, which resulted in misunderstandings and miscommunications between them.   As they spent time together Joe went from thinking of Veronica as not particularly pretty in the conventional sense, to finding her unbelievably beautiful.   Since Brockmann did not see fit to develop Veronica's personality much past that of being a serious, businesslike woman, every inch the demure, cool English lady, who could out-manipulate a table full of men, she had to rely on Joe's lust for a hot woman, who danced like nobody was watching, to further the relationship between Joe and Veronica.

This book could have been much more enjoyable if Brockmann had created multiple layers for Veronica to explain why she was determined to always appear calm, cool and composed, just as the author slowly peeled back the layers that were attributed to Joe.   While Brockmann revealed why Joe felt unworthy of having a woman of Veronica's social stature and wealth, she failed to explain why Veronica found Joe's demeanor and profession totally unacceptable for her future mate.   This was particularly true when Veronica threw out the "L" word, but then rejected Joe simply because she could not handle watching him take off at a moment's notice to endanger his life to save the world.   And while it was really admirable that Veronica knew herself well enough to know what kind of life she would be facing if she became Joe's mate, it was cruel of her to lead Joe to believe that there could be a happily-ever-after between them and then change her mind when it came time to commit.

The sensuality factor in Joe and Veronica's lovemaking scenes was in keeping with the subdued requirements that are found in Harlequin books.   While Brockmann wrote hot, passionate lovemaking scenes between Joe and Veronica that held that magic something eight years ago, they now come across as lacking in spice and heat (as compared to her future books).

Brockmann displayed her amazing sense of humor as Joe and Veronica strolled through their book.   First, it was cute and smile-worthy the way Joe took Veronica's prim and proper-sounding name and gave her the more casual, easy-going, approachable-sounding nickname of Ronnie, especially after Veronica's snappy reprimand to Joe when he first mispronounced her last name.
"According to the name tag on your suitcase, you've gotta be Veronica St. John, right?" he said, pronouncing her name the American way, as if it were two words, Saint and John.
"Sinjin," she said distractedly.   "You don't say Saint John, you say 'Sinjin.'"   (Joe and Veronica, page 56)

"My name," she declared in her cool English accent, sitting back in her chair and gazing at him steadily, "is Veronica St. John.   Not honey.   Not babe.   Veronica.   St. John.   Please refrain from using terms of endearment.   I don't care for them."
. . .
But Joe didn't move.   "So what am I supposed to call you?" he asked.   "Ronnie?"
. . .  
"I think Ms. St. John will do quite well, thank you," she said.   "That is how the prince addresses me."
. . .
"And I've decided if I'm the prince I can call you whatever I want, and I want to call you Ronnie."   (Joe and Veronica, page 56-57)
And then there is the cute, well-written scene where Veronica is already in the "change Joe into the prince" mode as they head out to a planning meeting with Kevin Laughton, the Federal Intelligence Commission Agent in charge of security, Admiral Michael "Mac" Forrest, Senator Sam McKinley, and other personages of import.
"I'd like to have some input in this meeting, too, Mr. West," she said cooly.   "I'm sure Mr. Laughton -- or Admiral Forrest -- won't mind if I sit in."
Joe shrugged, "Suit yourself."
"Princes don't shrug, Your Highness," Veronica reminded him as they followed West out into the corridor and toward the conference room.
Joe rolled his eyes.
"And princes don't roll their eyes," she said.
"Sheesh," he muttered.
"They don't swear, either, Your Majesty," Veronica told him.   "Not even those thinly veiled words you Americans use in place of the truly nasty ones."   (Joe and Veronica, page 60)
Admiral Forrest displayed his own wonderful sense of humor when he sat next to Veronica at another planning meeting to which Joe, as the prince, had not yet arrived.
The older man caught Veronica's eye and winked a hello.   He came around the oval table and pulled out the seat next to hers.   "Where's Joe?" he asked.
. . .
"How's the transformation going?" Forrest asked.   "You got him eating lady fingers with his pinky sticking out yet?"   (Admiral Michael "Mac" Forrest, page 119)
Another aspect of the book that was really enjoyable was the way Brockmann revealed to readers many details about the process of becoming a SEAL.   While she was explaining some of the training processes and what was required of the SEALs, Brockmann introduced numerous military terms and explained what they meant.   It is obvious that Brockmann did her research and these facts added greatly to the depth of the book -- and helped to explain and enhance Joe's strong personality.

Because this book is only 241 pages long, Brockmann was not able to include a lot of details about many of the secondary characters that added a rich flavor to this book.   (Even though it would have better served the enjoyment factor of the book if Brockmann had concentrated on developing the secondary characters rather than having Joe and Veronica repetitively muse on about why they should not embrace a physical or personal relationship.)   Nevertheless, there were two specific supporting characters that were really outstanding in Prince Joe.

The first really intriguing secondary character was Admiral Michael "Mac" Forrest, Joe's commanding officer and mentor.   The way that Mac was portrayed as a down-to-earth, fun, yet decisive leader was a nice change from the image of an Admiral who is always spouting rules, regulations, and taking a strictly by-the-book stance.   Mac's belief and support of Joe in his endeavors revealed what an outstanding man and soldier Joe was.

The other really intriguing secondary character was Frank O'Riley, the mean old guy who lived in a grungy basement apartment in one of the tenements over by the river where Joe was growing up.   Frank had been a Chief in the Navy and had fought in the Pacific in World War Two as a frogman, one of the early members of the Underwater Demolition Teams that later became known as the SEALs.   It was thanks to Frank that Joe grew up to become a SEAL.   It was also because of Frank that Brockmann was able to insert a well-written, very graphically descriptive scene revealing the disgust that many of us Americans feel at the way the men and woman who serve unselfishly to give us our freedom are treated upon their return to the states.
"how can you sit here in good conscience, spending so much money for one meal, when right next door a homeless shelter and soup kitchen for Vietnam veterans is about to be shut down from lack of funding?"   (Tony Pope, page 155)

"I just have a problem with the way this country treats war veterans . . ."   . . .   "I'm tired of seeing good men, soldiers and sailors who risked their lives fighting for this country, being forced to live in the lousy gutter."   (Joe, page 160)

"I just think the government should take responsibility for the veterans."   (Joe, page 160)
Several other supporting characters were added to the story, but they were, basically, undeveloped members of the cast, inserted to further the story, support Joe, and pave the way for future books in The Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series.   The members of the SEAL's Team Ten Alpha Squad were briefly introduced.   Three of Joe's teammates were minimally described and spent time with Joe and Veronica in Washington, D.C. to help Joe provide safety and to help catch the sniper who was after Prince Tedric: {1} Lieutenant Carter "Blue" McCoy was Joe's executive officer and the man closest to Joe; {2} Ensign Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was the newest member to the team and was an obvious flirt; {3} Ensign Daryl "Harvard" Becker, was an Ivy league-educated Yankee black man.   The three other Alpha Squad teammates were mentioned in passing: {1} Bobby or "Bob"; {2} Wesley or "Wes" and {3} Frisco, the member of the team that took a direct hit to the knee when extracting Tedric Cortere from Baghdad that put him in a wheelchair.

Two other minor secondary characters were given very, very brief point of view voices in this book.   In fact, their appearances were so abstract, that it was difficult to get a feeling for what these characters were like (except for the data that the government agencies had on them).   Diosdado Perez, the leader of the terrorist organization called Cloud of Death, was the number one villain of the book and was given a brief moment to take his second-in-command to task for attempting to kill Prince Tedric in the beginning of the book.   This brief scene added just a hint of suspense to the book.   Salustiano Vargas, the man who attempted to assassinate Tedric Cortere, was the second villain in the book and was Diosdado's number one sharpshooter.   Why did Brockmann give him a one-page point of view voice in the book?   It really didn't increase the suspenseful nature of the story, nor did it reveal the reason why Vargas had gone after Tedric in the first place.

Also, the way that Brockmann wrote the scene in which Vargas went after Joe (posing as Tedric), as per Diosdado's instructions, was a major disappointment.   Again, Brockmann stressed the relationship issues between Joe and Veronica instead of writing the scene to include some really exciting action sequences and adding some tension-filled suspense to the story.   Rather, the event took place in a manner that made not only the FInCOM Agents look inept, but also Joe and his team as well.

Again, because of the lack of page count to this book, the big finish at the end of the book in which Joe gets to show off his skills as a SEAL to rescue Veronica, was not as intense and exciting as it might have been had Brockmann not had to rush through the scenes, keeping the action to a minimum and the suspenseful nature low key.   Obviously, this Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series of books can in no way measure up to the depth of excitement, action and suspense found in The Troubleshooters Series.   Nevertheless, the ending was engaging and made Veronica realize that Joe was, indeed, the man of her dreams.

While it will never come close to Suzanne Brockmann's full-length, main stream romances, Prince Joe, the first book in the eleven-book Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series, was a thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable read.   Brockmann included: {1} Navy SEAL Lieutenant Joseph "Joe" Paulo "Cat" Catalanotto, a totally alpha, nearly perfect hero who makes a romance reader's heart go into overdrive; {2} Veronica St. John, an under-developed heroine, who had moments of greatness but did not quite show herself as the perfect match for Joe; {3} the inclusion of a few action scenes to highlight Joe's skills as a Navy SEAL, the best of the best; {4} a tad bit of suspense was thrown into the story to give it some intensity; {5} a great deal of romance permeated the entire book as Joe and Veronica circled one another before finding a place in each other's hearts; {6} a modicum of heat and sensuality was included in the lovemaking scenes; {7} a strong emotional connection developed between the reader and Joe, which managed to bring forth tears and laughter; {8} a moment on the soap box stating the dissatisfaction for the way the U.S. government treats its veterans; and {9} the inclusion of several intriguing secondary characters and many more filler characters: {1} Admiral Michael "Mac" Forrest; {2} Frank O'Riley; {3} Lieutenant Carter "Blue" McCoy; {4} Ensign Harlan "Cowboy" Jones; {5} Ensign Daryl "Harvard" Becker; {6} Tedric Cortere; {7} Kevin Laughton; {8} Diosdado Perez; {9} Salustiano Vargas; {10} Tony Pope; and {11} Senator Sam McKinley.   This wonderful book shall remain on my 'To Be Re-Read' List.
--Vonda M. Reid (Saturday, May 30, 2015 : 7:09 p.m.)     [370]

Books In The Series: "The Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series" // Members of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.06-1996Prince JoeLieutenant Joseph "Joe" Paulo "Cat" Catalanotto: CommanderVeronica St. John: Professional Image and Media Consultant
02.10-1996Forever BlueLieutenant Carter "Blue" McCoy: Executive OfficerLucy Tait: Hatboro Creek Police Officer
03.01-1997Frisco's KidLieutenant Alan "Frisco" Francisco: U.S. Navy Retired SEALMia Summerton: Tenth Grade U.S. History Teacher
04.08-1998Everyday, Average JoeEnsign Harlan "Cowboy" Jones: Melody Evans:
05.10-1998Harvard's EducationEnsign Daryl "Harvard" Becker: P.J. Richards: FInCOM Antiterrorist Team
06.12-1998It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
aka: Hawken's Heart
Lieutenant William R. "Crash" Hawken: Nell Burns: Daisy Owen's Personal Assistant
07.11-1999The Admiral's BrideAdmiral Jake Robinson: Dr. Zoe Lange:
08.01-2000Identity: UnknownMitchell Shaw: Becca Keyes: worked at Lazy Eight Ranch
09.03-2000Get LuckyLieutenant Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon: Sydney Jameson: Journalist
10.07-2001Taylor's TemptationChief Bobby Taylor: Colleen Mary Skelly: Wes's Sister
11.09-2003Night Watch
aka: Wild Wild Wes
Chief Wes SkellyBrittany Evans: Single Mother

Characters Found In "Prince Joe"
Character Description
Joseph "Joe" Paulo "Cat" Catalanotto[Hero] Navy SEAL Lieutenant; commander of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (7) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence; works better when he's whistling (8) one of seven of the armed forces' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together (10) Blue was his swim buddy; they went all the way back to Hell Week (11) dark hair, dark eyes, big nose, long face, square jaw, heavy cheekbones (12) dark, shaggy hair cut just a little below his ears; good humor and sharp intelligence sparkling in his dark eyes; could have been the crown prince's better-looking brother; same nose, same cheekbones, same well-defined jawline and chin as Tedric; front tooth was chipped; bigger and taller than Tedric; stronger; rougher edged (23) liked his fluid life, full of surprises (25) achieved expert status in nine different fields (26) looked like a rougher, wilder version of Tedric; broad shoulders; carried an M60 machine gun as if it were a loaf of bread; had nice smile (30) rich, husky voice laced with more than a trace of blue-collar New York (32) taller than Tedric by 2", outweighing him in sheer muscle by a good, solid fifty pounds; dark hair cut much shorter than Tedric's; 2-day growth of beard darkening his face; his nose was slightly different, it had been broken, probably more than once; cheekbones were even more exotic looking than Tedric's; chin was slightly more square and more stubborn than Tedric's; remarkable liquid brown eyes; intense gaze (33) a navy anchor tattoo on his left biceps; fingers were blackened with stains of grease; fingernails were short and rough (34) impossibly good-looking; nearly dripping with an unconscious virility; an untamed, rough-hewn kind of man; dangerous, bad-boy type; steel-hard biceps; broad shoulders; rough-looking five o-clock shadow; a tropical tan; molten-lava smile; incredible brown bedroom eyes (36) slouched continuously; walked with a kind of relaxed swagger that was utterly un-princely (37) expert in explosives on land and under water; knows all there is to know about locks and security systems; top-notch mechanic; understands engines in a way that is almost spiritual; an expert marksman and a sharpshooter with damn near any ordnance he can get his hands on (47) never knew his father (49) very large; very charismatic; very handsome; very dangerous (50) had an edge to his good looks; had a sharpness, a definition, an honesty that Tedric didn't have; vibrant; alive; vital; as if he took each moment and lived it to its very fullest; genuine smile that reached his eyes (53) knew women, knew what they liked; women usually came to him; it had been a long time since he'd actively pursued a woman (55) left-handed (72) outrageously good-looking; rude; tactless; disrespectful; rough in manners and appearance (75) rough and uncultured, blue-collar through and through (89) son of a servant (91) smooth tanned skin; beautifully sculpted muscles; rippling muscles in his back, thighs and arms; perfect buttocks (97) accustomed to intrigue and high adventure; graceful; sure-footed; his motion fluid and effortless; looked like something savage, something wild, an untamed man-creature from the distant past, a ferocious, barbaric warrior (98) smooth, powerful shoulders; early 30s (99) looked like a giant cat, so graceful and fluid (100) powerful arms folded across his broad chest; mystifying dark eyes (105) dark eyes were fathomless and as mysterious as the deepest ocean (108) used to sneak out at night and hung around the theater district of New York City, trying to spot celebrities, to get their autographs to sell (110) self-reliant; self-confident; grew up with everyone always telling him he wasn't good enough (111) the toughest, coolest kid in the neighborhood; friendship with Old Man O'Riley was the single good memory from his childhood (111) dancing eyes and wide, infectious smile; five-thousand-watt smiles (116) danger was part of his life, what he did best; 50% of the time he infuriated Veronica, the rest of the time he made her laugh, or touched her with his gentle sweetness, or burned her with that look in his eyes that promised a sexual experience the likes of which she'd never known; deep brown eyes; long eyelashes; straight, white teeth; elegantly shaped lips; unbearable handsome; undeniably funny; blunt and to the point (117) tactless most of the time; always refreshingly honest; despite his rough language and unrefined speech, he was clearly intelligent; hadn't had the best of educations, but seemed well-read and certainly able to think on his own (118) bigger than most men, taller and broader; darn good mimic; real ear for languages; a little too intense at times, but that makes him a good commander; if you win his loyalty, he's loyal to the end; demands loyalty in return, and gets it (119) his men would follow him to hell and back (120) casual bravery; unassuming heroism (129) usual sardonic humor (136) spoke French (143) spoke Russian (144) a language specialist (148) spoke 8 languages; knows more than the others guys when it comes to high-tech war toys; classified expert in jungle, desert and arctic survival; can fly any type of aircraft, from a chopper to a Stealth; expert mechanic (149) could do all those incredible things, superhuman things, but it was his humanity, his compassion, his kindness to a dying child that moved Veronica the most; specialized in making war; risked his life as a matter of course (150) soft-hearted (159) trim waist; muscular thighs; perfect derriere; devastatingly, heart-breakingly handsome (175) powerful chest; sharp intelligence, raw, almost brutal strength, and gentle tenderness all mixed together in his beautiful deep brown eyes (178) smooth tanned muscles; curly dark hair on his chest (180) shoulders were broad and solid as rock; arms were powerful and so very big; chest was wide and covered with thick dark hair; muscles were clearly defined; stomach was a washboard of ridges and valleys, his hips narrow, his legs as strong as steel (181) scars on his shoulder and left leg; anchor tattoo on his arm (182) cut his hair really short; wearing a naval dress uniform with rows and rows and rows of medals; wore a white hat on his head; hair had been buzz cut around his ears and at the back (203) short cut made his lean face more handsome than ever; made him look harder, tougher, unforgiving, dangerous on an entirely new level; a highly trained, highly competent special-forces officer; dark eyes were sharp, almost piercing (204) career Navy, didn't plan to retire for 15-20 years (213) his eyes were bigger and darker, his lashes longer than Tedric's; chin was stronger, more square; always looked everyone straight in the eye; his energy was carefully contained; could sit absolutely still, but one could feel his leashed power (229)
Veronica "Ronnie" St. John[Heroine] professional image and media consultant (13) daughter of an international businessman who moved to a different and exotic county every year or so (14) flame-red hair pulled back in a french braid; tall; slender; appeared serene; struggling to get her consulting business off the ground; teaching Tedric Cortere how to appear clam and relaxed while under the watchful eyes of the TV news cameras was her first major assignment (15) did not like Tedric (16) 4 years younger than Tedric; developed crush on him when she was 15, quickly lost it (17) childhood habit of singing in the shower (31) last name pronounced 'Sinjin' (33) wide blue eyes; pale, porcelain skin; wealthy; powerful job; refined manners; beautiful blue eyes; curly red hair; face looked alarmingly young without makeup; delicate, almost fragile features; wasn't particularly pretty in the conventional sense, but her cheekbones were high, showcasing enormous crystal blue eyes; lips were exquisitely shaped; her nose was small and elegant (34) incredibly attractive in a way Joe couldn't begin to explain; slight frame; slender wrists and ankles; slightly British, extremely monied upper-class accent (35) she wasn't pretty, but at the same time she was; hair was gorgeous with soft curls; delicate, almost-pointed nose; beautifully shaped lips; slender waist (51) long, graceful, sexy legs (52) her natural expression was a smile; taught herself to put on the serious, businesslike façade; attraction in her eyes; wary (54) per Mac, she was an American (60) with her delicate features and innocent blue eyes, she looked every inch the demure, cool English lady, which was just an act; could out-manipulate the table full of men (65) ocean-blue eyes (73) she was one hot package; firm, creamy midriff; beautiful read curls loose around her pale shoulders, she looked positively steamy; slender, but not skinny; small waist; flat stomach flaring out to softly curving hips and a firm, round rear end; incredible legs; full breasts; exuded a raw sensuality, a barely contained passion (74) soft, warm skin (86) prim and proper society girl; stubborn as hell (90) oh-so-proper British façade; daughter of the ruling class; would never willingly reveal her true self (91) wealth; high-class manners (92) wore Margaret Thatcher suits (96) beautiful; rich; book smart; people smart (107) traveled with parents until old enough to be sent to school; closest thing she had to a permanent home was Huntsgate Manor (109) raised like a princess (110) dressed to look no-nonsense and reliable, dependable and businesslike (115) thinking about kissing Joe (117) a smart girl (120) fit next to him so perfectly, they might have bene made for each other; soft in all the right places, and firm in all the others (131) tilted her head very slightly as she listened to Joe talk; tried so ineffectually to tuck her wild curls back up into her bun; blue eyes danced as she laughed (147) spoke English, French and a bit of Spanish (149) light gleamed off her reddish gold hair; her eyes seemed to sparkle and dance; unbelievably beautiful; blue eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea (166) loved to dance; when she danced, she moved sensuality and abandon (167) always played it cool in public (190) dancing was personal and intensely private to her, a way to unwind, to let off steam, to really relax; she was graceful and fluid (206) she became the music when she danced (207) smooth, silky skin; softly rounded bottom; full breasts; flat stomach; long, willowy arms; passionate, fiery woman; blazing hot one moment and gently sweet the next; sharp sense of humor (208) quiet touch that hid a will of steel; a will ruled by the kindest heart Joe had ever known (209)
. . .. . .
Jenny Lee Beaumont[No Appearance] Blue McCoy's high school girlfriend; the only woman Blue had ever talked about (26)
Daryl "Harvard" Becker[Book 5 : Harvard's Education] [Secondary Character] member of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (10) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence (8) a good man (9) on the radio; one of seven of the armed forces' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together (10) knew Joe six years; nasal, upper-class-Boston accent; after Joe, closest to Blue; Ivy league-educated Yankee black man (26) brown eyes (27) Ensign; a large black man with steady, intelligent brown eyes and a smoothly shaven head (99)
__ Catalanotto[No Appearance] Joe's mother; took Joe along on her trips to Scarsdale, where she cleaned house that were ten times the size of their tiny Jersey City apartment; had a whole slew of temporary father figures who would have leaped at any excuse to kick Joe's insolent butt into tomorrow (49) drank (55) too drunk to notice when Joe was gone, nor would she have cared (111)
King Derrick [Cortere] the Fourth[No Appearance] Tedric's father; Veronica had gone to him to get Tedric's tour to include a visit to Saint Mary's Hospital (30)
Tedric Cortere[Secondary Character] the crown prince of Ustanzia; hiding in fear behind three of his aides; about Joe's height, maybe a little shorter; wearing amazingly tacky, torn white satin jacket, adorned with gold epaulets, with an entire row of medals and ribbons on the chest; resemblance to Joe was uncanny; dark hair, dark eyes, big nose, long face, square jaw, heavy cheekbones (12) United States goodwill tour; perfectionist; the brother of Veronica's prep-school roommate (13) looking his best, oozing charm and royal manners; just enough blue-blooded arrogance thrown in to captive the royalty-crazed American public; prone to anxiety attacks; giving the public what they wanted, a close-up picture of a gracious, charismatic, fairy-tale-handsome European prince (14) faintly British, faintly French accent; high-strung (15) did not like Veronica; an impatient, short-tempered man; used to getting his own way; princely in looks and appearance, but arrogant and spoiled, demanding, irrational; occasionally, not very nice; in his element when it came to pomp and ceremony, parties and social posturing; knew all there was to know about clothing; a wine connoisseur and a gourmet; could ride horses, fence, play polo, and water ski; hired countless aides and advisors to dance attendance upon him and provide him with his most trivial desires and the important information he needed to get by as a representative of his country; trim, athletic body; handsome face; gorgeous; thick dark hair that curled down past his shoulders (16) face was long and lean with exotic cheekbones that hinted of mother's Mediterranean heritage; deep brown eyes, surrounded by sinfully long lashes; square jaw; strong and masculine nose; decidedly dull; enormously preoccupied with his appearance; spent endless amounts of time in front of a mirror; perfect white teeth; beneath his façade of princely charm and social skills, behind his handsome face and trim body, deep within his dark brown eyes, there was nothing there (17) considered Veronica a servant; in his mind there was no need for gratitude, so did not thank her for saving his life; insisted Veronica address him as "Your Highness" or "Your Majesty" (19) carefully manicured hands (34) stood ramrod straight (37) right-handed; always twirling the signet ring he wore on his right hand when he was thinking (72) walks like he has a fireplace poker in his pants (83) unconcerned with Ustanzia's financial state (109) a coward and a flaming idiot (113) held his spoon in a strange way and always left at least one bit of every food on his plate when eating (116) nose was narrower than Joe's, and slightly pinched looking at the end; his dark eyes shifted as he spoke, never settling on one thing; in constant motion, fingers tapping, foot jiggling, crossing and uncrossing his legs (229) had no backbone; never looked anything but fastidious (235)
Princess Wila Cortere[No Appearance] Tedric Cortere's sister; Veronica's prep-school roommate (13) Veronica's long-time friend (15) Tedric's younger sister (16) cheerful, breezy, lighthearted yet business-minded (17) married Jules last year (19) Veronica's best friend since boarding school; has been working hard to make her county more solvent, it matters to her; expecting a baby (109)
Johnny Forrest[No Appearance] Admiral Michael "Mac" Forrest's son; killed 3-y-a when Diosdado planted bomb on bus in which he was traveling; a good kid; smart; looked like Mac; same smile, same easygoing attitude, same tenacity; Joe met him when he was 8-y-o and he became the little brother Joe had never had; 19-y-o when Diosdado blew him to pieces (85)
Admiral Michael "Mac" Forrest[Secondary Character] the man that was supposed to meet Joe's plane in DC (36) older man; leathery face; salt-and-pepper hair was a shade whiter; looked healthy and fit; a former SEAL; spent a solid hour each day in physical training despite the fact that he needed a cane to walk; his left leg was shorter than his right, courtesy of the enemy during the Vietnam War; strong and solid handclasp (40) steely blue eyes; his son died when terrorists bombed bus in London 3-y-a (42) salty-looking military man (44) face had a stern, craggy cast (47) same smile, same easygoing attitude, same tenacity as his son Johnny (85) weathered face (120) thick white hair (224) blue eyes steely in his weathered face (225)
Maggie Forte[One Appearance] FInCOM agent guarding Prince Tedric aboard the Majestic; shot by Diosdado (226)
[Alan] "Frisco" [Francisco][Book 3 : Frisco's Kid] [No Appearance] member of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (10) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence (8) a good man (9) one of seven of the armed forces' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together man (10) took a direct hit when extracting Tedric Cortere from Baghdad (40) his knee was damn near destroyed; in a wheelchair, fighting hard to get out (41)
Henri Freder[Minor Secondary Character] the U.S. ambassador to Ustanzia (18)
Agent Freeman[Rare Apperances] FInCOM agent (71) agent stationed in Joe's room (90)
Charlie Griswold[One Appearance] FInCOM agent guarding Prince Tedric aboard the Majestic; shot by Diosdado; had just had a new baby; so in love with his pretty young wife (227)
Harlan "Cowboy" Jones[Book 4 : Everyday, Average Joe] [Secondary Character] member of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (7) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence; Ensign; from Fort Worth, Texas; new to the squad (8) a good man (9) one of seven of the armed forces' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together (10) almost as tall as Joe; weighted 40 pounds less; Ensign; hair was longer than Blue's, wore it pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck (99) sparkling green eyes; his smile was boyish winsome; looked like Kevin Costner's younger brother, and he knew it; kept winking at Veronica (100)
Cindy Kaye[Secondary Character] [One Appearance] little girl in Saint Mary's Hospital; wrote letter to Prince Tedric asking him to visit her (30) wanted to meet a real prince before she died; had an inoperable brain tumor; had been writing to Tedric for months, not that he bothered to read the letters; Veronica read each one; incredibly bright and charming; is going to die in a matter of weeks; had taken a turn for the worst last night; had been practicing her curtsy for months; tumor affecting her motor functions, she is unable to get out of bed (141) tiny, skinny, frail; looked more like a malnourished 6-y-o than a 10-y-o; long brown hair was clean and she wore a pink ribbon in it; lying on top of her bedspread wearing a frilly pink dress with lots of flounces and lace; legs, covered in white tights, looked like two slender sticks; wore white ballet slippers on her narrow feet; brown eyes filled with tears as Prince Tedric approached; vast array of tubes and IVs and medical equipment surrounded her; Joe kissed her skeletal hand (142)
Mrs. Kaye[One Appearance] Cindy Kay's mother (222)
Kevin Laughton[Secondary Character] Federal Intelligence Commission agent in charge of security (44) tall man; impeccably dressed, with every strand of his light brown hair perfectly in place; blue eyes were cool; kept his emotions carefully hidden behind a poker face (45)
Carter "Blue" McCoy[Book 2 : Forever Blue] [Secondary Character] member of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (7) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence (8) a good man (9) one of seven of the armed forces' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together (10) Joe's executive officer; thick Southern drawl; Joe was his swim buddy; they went all the way back to Hell Week (11) knew Joe for 8 years; thick south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-Line drawl; red-neck rebel; sun-bleached blond hair (26) Lieutenant; Joe's executive officer 'XO'; about the same age as Joe; early 30s; shorter and smaller than the other men, with the build of a long-distance runner; blue eyes; wavy, thick blond hair; handsome face of a Hollywood star (99) thick accent of the Deep South (100) could read Joe's mind; Joe's connection to him was so tight, there were few thoughts that appeared in Joe's head that Blue wasn't instantly aware of (102)
Gerry [McCoy][No Appearance] Blue was reading his letter (26) was getting married to Jenny Lee Beaumont; wanted Blue to be his best man (27)
Sam McKinley[Secondary Character] U.S. Senator; playing to the news cameras; gleaming white teeth in a false smile; thick Texas accent; sharing the spotlight with Tedric Cortere as welcomed him to the capitol (14) heavyset man; thinning gray hair (20)
Mrs. McKinley[One Appearance] U.S. Senator Sam McKinley's wife; aboard the Majestic; older woman (230) graying hair (233)
Frank O'Riley[Secondary Character] [No Appearnce] mean old guy who lived in this grungy basement apartment in one of the tenements over by the river; had a wooden leg and a glass eye and his arms were covered with tattoos and all the kids were scared to death of him, except Joe; had a garden, really just a patch of land, 12' by 4' in which he was always growing something, flowers, vegetables; brought Joe lemonade when climbed over his fence; Chief, U.S.N. retired; his barely habitable basement apartment had been Joe's refuge, his escape when life at home became unbearable (111) Joe's single positive role model; a sailor; tough as nails and one hell of a foul mouth; could swear like no one Joe had ever known; fought in the Pacific in World War Two as a frogman, one of the early members of the UDTs; was rough and crude, but he never turned Joe away from his door; Joe pulled weeds with him as he told Joe stories; believed in Joe, told him he was destined to be a SEAL, the best of the best; died when Joe was 15-y-o; had one hell of a powerful spirit (112) went on a binge and lost his job; got evicted; damn near killed him to think of losing his garden, and he sobered up, but it was too late; no one helped him; he was a war hero, out on the street in the middle of the winter; caught pneumonia (160)
Marshall Owen[One Appearance] attended Ustanzian Embassy party where Joe was posing as prince; businessman from Atlanta, Georgia; owns quite a bit of real estate in Europe, including Ustanzia; a friend of King Derrick; Tedric only met him 3-4 times, played racquetball; Derrick owes him quite a bit of money (137)
Diosdado Perez[Secondary Character] member of Cloud of Death terrorist organization (43) thoughtfully stroked his beard; wide, toothy grin (66) walking was a halting, shuffling process as he dragged his bad leg behind him (67) runs a top-notch military organization; a formidable opponent; could get through FInCOM security without blinking (68) a celebrity in Peru, where he's from (85) leader of an organization that roughly translates as 'The Cloud of Death'; together with Vargas, has claimed responsibility for more than 1,200 deaths; his signature was on the bomb that blew up the passenger flight from London to New York 3-y-a in which 254 people died; took out an entire busload of U.S. sailors that same year, killing 32 kids, the oldest was 21-y-o, Mac Forrest's son was on that bus; those 2 bombings put him on the Most Wanted list; his last name is Perez; born in 1951, the youngest son in a wealthy family; his name means, literally, 'God's gift'; had a faction of his group in D.C.; he and Vargas got away when CIA tried to capture, leaving 3 agents and 10 member of Cloud of Death dead; went deep underground (85) rumor was he had been shot and badly hurt; he had been quiet for years, until now (86) a pronounced limp; wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses; wide, friendly, white-toothed smile set off by a thick salt-and-pepper beard (226) glittering chill to his dark eyes (230)
Armand Perrault[One Appearance] Talandra's husband; hosting party for Prince Tedric in his Beacon Hill town house; a charming and gracious silver-haired Frenchman who'd retired a millionaire form his import-export business (163)
Talandra Perrault[One Appearance] Armand's wife; hosting party for Prince Tedric in his Beacon Hill town house; a tall, beautiful young black woman with a rich, infectious laugh; Veronica's roommate and good friend from college; she and Veronica had gone on vacations together (163) dark brown eyes (164)
Tony Pope[Secondary Character] [One Appearance] Sergeant Tony Pope, U.S. Marines, retired; served in Vietnam; wanted to ask question at hundred-dollars-a-plate luncheon (155) good-looking man; neatly trimmed goatee and mustache; suit was well-tailored, if rather worn and fraying in spots; held himself proudly, standing tall, with his shoulders back and head high; runs a homeless shelter for Vietnam veterans (156)
Rachel[No Appearance] Hawaiian marine biologist that Harvard still sighed over after meeting her in Guam (27)
Rosamond[No Appearance] Jules and Veronica St. John's great-aunt (109)
Wesley "Wes" [Skelly][Book 11 : Night Watch] [No Appearance] member of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (10) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence (8) a good man (9) one of seven of the armed forces' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together man (10) Bobby's swim buddy (11) drooled over girls he'd met in San Diego (27)
Jules [St. John][No Appearance] Veronica's brother (18) married Princess Wila last year (19) traveled with parents until old enough to be sent to school; closest thing he had to a permanent home was Huntsgate Manor (109)
Bobby "Bob" [Taylor][Book 10 : Taylor's Temptation] [No Appearance] member of SEAL Team Ten's seven-man Alpha Squad (10) performed his tasks with clockwork precision and cool confidence (8) a good man (9) one of seven of the armed fores' best and brightest, trained to work and fight together (10) Wesley's swim buddy (11) drooled over girls he'd met in San Diego (27)
Salustiano Vargas [Brief Appearances] the man who attempted to assassinate Tedric Cortere; Diosdado angry at that his attempt because it increased security (67) friend of Diosdado; together with Diosdado, has claimed responsibility for more than 1,200 deaths (85) former right hand man of Diosdado (153) Diosdado's number one sharpshooter (224)
Agent West[Secondary Character] FInCOM agent; called Joe to planning meeting with Laughton (59) assigned to watch over Tedric Cortere

Locations, Organizations Found In "Prince Joe"
Location / Organization Description
Albuquerqueone of the cities on Prince Tedric's tour; incident occurred (188)
Andrews[Air Force Base] in District of Columbia where jet that carried Joe landed (32)
Atlanta, Georgiawhere businessman Marshall Owen is from (137)
Arizona Theatre and Center for the Artsin Phoenix, Arizona; where Prince Tedric was to appear (189) broad set of shallow steps lead to a central courtyard that was flat and wide and surrounded by a series of marble benches placed strategically in the shade of flowering trees; the lobby was directly behind the courtyard; Tedric was to attend dedication ceremony (190)
Baghdad[Prologue] January 1991 (7)
Beacon Hillin Boston, Massachusetts where a private party was being held for Prince Tedric; the host and hostess were friends of Wila's and Veronica's (151)
Blackbird SR-71spy plan circling at 85,000 feet above the hijacked cruise ship, over the northern Pacific Ocean; flying so high the terrorists and hostages on board the Majestic couldn't see it, even with high-powered binoculars; high-tech equipment sending video images to Seal Team Ten (228)
Black Hawk, UH-60Acruising speed about 170 mph; sent to pick up Joe (28)
Boston, Massachusettsa city in Prince Tedric's tour where there was a hundred-dollar-a-plate charity luncheon scheduled (104)
Boylston Street Sheltera homeless shelter for Vietnam veterans in Boston, Massachusetts; run by Sergeant Tony Pope, U.S. Marines, retired for ten years; encountered tough times; the few grants they acquired ran out; it'll be six months before chance of getting any additional funding; city will condemn the facility if repairs were not made by Friday; serves an average of 250 veterans daily; yearly overhead cost is $20,000 (156) modest facility (157)
Camelback Mountainhas a restaurant Mac recommended to Joe (202)
Chicagoone of the cities on Prince Tedric's tour (187)
Cloud of Deathterrorist organization that took out a busload of American soldiers in London 3-y-a (42)
Dallasone of the cities on Prince Tedric's tour (187)
FInCOMFederal Intelligence Commission: agents, high-tech bodyguards sent to protect Prince Tedric Cortere (18)
Fort Worth, Texaswhere Ensign Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was from (8)
Guamwhere Harvard met Hawaiian marine biologist Rachel (27)
HAHO jumpget the green light to jump from the plane at about thirty thousand feet, way up high where the bad guys can't hear the sound of your airplane approaching (120)
Houstonone of the cities on Prince Tedric's tour (187)
Huntsgate Manorthe closest thing Jules and Veronica had to a permanent home; the home where Great-Aunt Rosamond lived (109) big, old, moldy, ancient house with gardens and grounds that went on forever; about 4-5 acres (110)
Jersey Citywhere Joe as his mother lived in an apartment when he was growing up (49)
Little CreekSEAL Team Ten told to report at this location (216)
Majesticthe cruise ship Tedric and Veronica were on (226)
Peruwhere Diosdado Perez is from (85)
Phoenix, Arizonaone of the cities on Prince Tedric's tour (189)
Saint Mary's Hospitalin Washington, DC; treating little girl named Cindy Kaye (30) a hospice for children with cancer (141) a clean white building with lots of windows and beautiful flowers growing in the neatly tended gardens outside; a statue of the Madonna, also gleaming white, in among the flowers (141)
ScarsdaleJoe's mother took him along on her trips to Scarsdale, where she cleaned house that were ten times the size of their tiny Jersey City apartment (49)
SEALpart of the Special Forces Division; the most elite special-operations force in the world; they can operate anywhere, on the sea, in the air and on the land (21) no matter your rank or experience, you always had to keep learning, keep training, keep on top of the new technology and methodology (26) toughest, smartest, deadliest warrior in all of the U.S. military; best of the best; trained to specialize in unconventional warfare (46)
SEAL Team Tenelite; Alpha squad is made up of the best men of Team Ten (68) skilled in swimming; scuba diving; skydiving; parasailing; explosives, underwater and on land; weapons and other high-tech war toys; martial arts and some less conventional hand-to-hand techniques; computers; locks; alarm systems; sharpshooting, expert marksmen (149)
SeattleTedric would fly from D.C. to Seattle to take up the reins of his American tour (201)
UDTsthe underwater demolition teams that later became the SEALs (112)
Ustanziathe county of which Tedric Cortere was the crown prince; oil recently discovered (14) needs U.S. funding to get their oil wells up and running (20)
Ustanzian Embassyin Baghad; where Blue and Cowboy were rigging explosives (7)
Washington, D.C.Books Setting; where day one of Tedric Cortere's United States goodwill tour took place (13)
USS Watkinswhere Joe and Team Ten were in briefing room to figure out how to save the hostages (231)

"Prince Joe" Quotations
35In his world, a man was judged by his actions, by his perseverance, by his loyalty and stamina.   In his world, a man who'd made it into the SEALs was treated with honor and respect -- regardless of the way he looked.   Or smelled.   (Joe)
105"It might come as a shock to you, but I also know how to use a napkin and drink from a glass."   (Joe)
155"how can you sit here in good conscience, spending so much money for one meal, when right next door a homeless shelter and soup kitchen for Vietnam veterans is about to be shut down from lack of funding?   (Tony Pope)
160"I just have a problem with the way this country treats war veterans . . ."   . . .   "I'm tired of seeing good men, soldiers and sailors who risked their lives fighting for this country, being forced to live in the lousy gutter."   (Joe)
160"I just think the government should take responsibility for the veterans."   (Joe)

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