Friday, July 14, 2017

Cindy Gerard -- Black Ops Inc. Series

Books In The Series: "Black Ops Inc."
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.10-2008Show No MercyLieutenant Gabriel "Gabe" Paul Jones | ArchangelJenna Rose McMillan, Journalist
  secondary:U.S. Marine Corps: Captain Nathan "Nate" Louis BlackDr. Juliana Flores: Runs Free Clinic in Bahía Blanca
02.11-2008Take No PrisonersArmy Delta Force: Samuel "Sam" Lang | (sniper)Abbie Hughes, Black Jack Dealer
03.01-2009Whisper No LiesForce Recon Marine: Johnny Duane Reed | Golden BoyCrystal "Tinkerbell" Debrowski, Casino Security
04.10-2009Feel The HeatArmy Airborne Ranger: Raphael Mendoza | ChoirboyB.J. Chase, Defense Intelligence Officer
  secondary:CIA Operative: "Mean" Joe GreenStephanie Tompkins, NSA Cryptanalyst
05.05-2010Risk No SecretsCIA Operative: Wyatt Savage | Papa BearSophie Taylor, School Administrator
5.510-2010Leave No Trace [1]CIA Operative: David "Cav" Cavanaugh (from 3)Carrie Ann Granger (from 5)
06.08-2011With No RemorseU.S. Navy SEAL: Luke Colter | Doc Holliday (medic)Valentina Chamberlin, Famous Supermodel
6.511-2011SEALed With A Kiss [2]Luke Colter | Doc Holliday (medic)Valentina Chamberlin Colter, Famous Supermodel
07.02-2012Last Man StandingCIA Operative: "Mean" Joe GreenStephanie Tompkins, NSA Cryptanalyst
7.506-2012Dying To Score [3]Johnny Duane Reed | Golden BoyCrystal "Tinkerbell" Debrowski Reed, BOI
[1] "Deadly Promises" (with {1} Laura Griffin, and {2} Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love)
[2] "SEAL of My Dreams" (with eighteen authors)
[3] "Love Is Murder" (with {1} Allison Brennan, {2} Sandra Brown, {3} Lee Child, {4} Heather Graham, {5} Sherrilyn Kenyon)