Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Want to Swim In the Romance Blog World

Today I jump into an ocean full of sharks.  I am entering a world that is foreign to me -- the world of blogging.  Want to conquer this world because: {1} am a zealous romance book reader; {2} have attempted to write some reviews of current reads (on trusty WordPerfect program); {3} have been reading some incredible blogs [reviews] of people who have conquered this world (with great beauty and aplomb); and {4} want to swim in the waters with other avid readers who have conquered it.

Must now apologize to anyone who happens to stumble upon my humble attempt to jump into these confusing waters with both feet.  After viewing some very impressive blog sites, this "Plain Jane" attempt will look like exactly what it is.  The blog of someone who only knows how to read and type.

Will take a while before this blog looks as spiffy as other sites because I am an electronic klutz.

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