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Karen Rose -- Have You Seen Her

Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   {5.00}
Action: ♠♠♠♠ / Emotion: ♣♣♣♣♣ / Romance: ♥♥♥♥♥ / Sensuous: ♦♦♦♦ / Suspense: ♠♠♠♠♠
Action: 4 / Emotion: 5 / Romance: 5 / Sensuous: 4 / Suspense: 5 // Humor: 11 / Tears: 8

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Disclaimer:   Since do not believe Karen Rose can write a bad book, this review is predisposed to weigh heavily towards seeing everything she writes in a bright, over-the-top, awe-inspiring way.   Have read this book twice.   This was the first Karen Rose book I ever read . . . prompting the search for each and every book she has written.
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Have You Seen Her? is Karen Rose's second book.   This book is really a stand alone book, but since the hero of this book played a captivating secondary role in Don't Tell (Book One), have decided to consider all Rose's books one great big long series (named: A Karen Rose Novel).   On with the review:

A sense of suspenseful interest and fear is immediately encountered as Rose sets the stage for the emergence of a serial killer who will some day play havoc somewhere in America.   It was easy to almost feel the frustration of the police officer who stood among picketers who had driven a cruel, sadistic killer (and his family) from their neighborhood because a legal technicality allowed him to run free.   Rose tantalized readers with just enough information about this off-duty cop without delivering any pertinent details about him or the killer.

It was a great relief to finally meet this Seattle, Washington police detective (in Chapter 10) when his partner told him to tune in to a CNN broadcast about a serial killer in Raleigh, North Carolina.   Neil Davies was the lead investigator in the death of four sixteen-year-old cheerleaders in his precinct.   Even though three years had passed, Neil had never stopped looking for the killer, William Rudolf Parker, who seemed to have vanished into thin air.   It is amazing how Rose reveals the guilt and depth of commitment that Neil feels towards finding justice for these girls.   He has destroyed his marriage and it is easy to see that he is on the road to alcoholism.   Even though his role is secondary, Neil's well-developed personality presents a strong presence.

Another amazing talent Rose has is making her characters multi-dimensional.   Not only does she send Neil Davies to North Carolina to seek justice, but she involves him in the intimate lives of the hero and heroine of the story.   Neil is immediately attracted to Dr. Jenna Marshall and lets North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Steven Thatcher know he has competition for Jenna's affections.

Steven is a strong, flawed, realistic character.   He has to juggle so many emotional irons, it is amazing he can function.   First, his boss, Lennie Farrell, is constantly checking on him to make sure he can handle this gruesome case because of the "incident" that happened to his seven-year-old son, Nicky, six months ago.   (For a detailed account of the incident, read Don't Tell.)   Second, a month ago, his seventeen-year-old son, Brad, changed from an over-achieving "wonderboy" into a sullen sarcastic, angry stranger.   Third, his endearing Aunt Helen continues to play matchmaker, setting him up with a constant string of blind dates.   And, fourth, but certainly, not finally, Steven is immediately and unwillingly attracted to Jenna.

Steven's sons are full of life, rich in personality and produce a myriad of emotions.   Can almost feel Steven's pain because not only does Nicky no longer laugh, but will not allow anyone (including his father) to give him a hug.   Steven's frustration, concern and bewilderment are readily apparent as Brad makes constant snide, and meaningful only to him remarks to his father.   The middle son, Matt, could so easily be overlooked because he is suffering no trauma, but his snarky remarks and amazingly engaging conversations reveal a child very much like his father (full of wisdom, humor, and intuition).

Jenna is just as multi-dimensional as Steven.   The following characters offer supporting roles in Jenna's life.   {1} Casey Ryan is an English teacher, Jenna's best friend and her roommate from Duke.   Casey is a fun-loving party girl who is on a mission to throw Jenna back into the dating arena.   {2} Lucas Bondioli is the high school guidance counselor, a friend who offers constant support and several entertaining tidbits.   {3} Seth Llewellyn adds great depth to Jenna's life in his role as "Dad" and reveals why she is reticent to become involved with another man after the death of her fiancé, Adam (Seth's son).   {4} Mrs. Kasselbaum is the nosey neighbor who engages each and every visitor to Jenna's apartment in gossipy revealing conversations.   {5} Allison is Seth's daughter, who constantly reminds Jenna of Adam and gives readers many laughs over her inability to cook an edible meal.   {6} Not to be forgotten, Jenna's two amazingly trained German Shepherd dogs, Jim and Jean-Luc add a rich quality to the story.

Rose does such an amazing job of stirring, yet blending, so many different spices into the soup that makes up Have You Seen Her?.  The suspense became so intense at times, that had to put book down and pace just to get rid of the tension Rose created.   There are two suspenseful spices thrown into the mix.   First, Steven (and his team) are looking for the man who is killing various high school cheerleaders that are disappearing from their rooms at night.   Second, Jenna has failed Roosevelt High's star quarterback which results in his suspension from the team.

Although the members of Steven's team do not play large roles in the book, they are displayed with interesting attributes that add depth and perception to the story.   {1} Agent Harry Grimes is new to SBI and exhibits a weak stomach at the crime scenes; {2} Kent Thompson is the rookie forensics technician whose easy manner and controlled compassion make him an asset; {3} Sandra Kates is a seasoned SBI investigator whose niche expertise is in sexual deviants; {4} Meg Donnelly, the SBI staff psychologist, profiles the killer; and {5} Liz Johnson, the Assistant DA is added to make sure no loopholes are created.

While Steven is looking for a serial killer, Jenna is beset with incidents of vandalism.   Jenna must battle {1} Dr. Keith Blackman, the overtly political, yet sleazy principal; {2} Victor Lutz, the arrogant, distinguished thug, and father of the star quarterback; and {3} friends and teammates of Roosevelt High's quarterback, Rudy Lutz.

So how can a romance develop between two characters who are engaged in such struggles?   Don't know how she does it, but Rose is just as talented at introducing hot, spicy, magic love scenes filled with emotional wonder and angst into the mix so that they blend naturally with the suspense.   When Brad fails his chemistry test, Jenna is compelled to call the father.   Steven bowls Jenna over (literally and figuratively).   The attraction is immediate and constant.   Although both Steven and Jenna fight the attraction, it is a relief when the struggle coalesces into hot sessions of lovemaking.   Naturally, emotional potholes must be navigated on the road to Steven and Jenna's happily-ever-after.

Added to the muckle are two additional Lutz family members; namely, Nora (wife) and Josh (Rudy's "special needs" twin).   It is obvious that Victor married Nora for her father's money.   It is amazing how Rose takes a mundane, yet personality-revealing, item (or issue) and turns it into a tool for humor and snide remarks as she pours it through the story.   One such tidbit is Nora Lutz's penchant for unattractive nightgowns.   (Another is Allison's Wednesday night meat loaf.)

There is one additional character introduced into the story that creates interest and puzzlement.   Father Mike Leonie offers his patient, calm support to his childhood best friend, Steven, as he battles with the traumas of falling for a woman and managing an angry son.   Rose writes wonderful dialogue that potently displays the camaraderie between Steven and Mike.   Father Mike is also supportive to the parents of a missing victim.   The aspect that makes one wonder what Rose is up to (perhaps, a future book): Father Mike's name is tarnished when he is inserted into the investigation as a possible suspect because the first two victims were members of his parish.

Karen Rose's Have You Seen Her? is a 5-Star book of Romantic Suspense.   It features: {1} a buff, gorgeous alpha hero, full of intelligence, integrity, angst and compassion; {2} an amazingly intelligent, talented, gorgeous, self-sufficient, confident, stand-up-for-herself alpha heroine; {3} incredibly well-developed, interesting supporting characters that add great depth to the story; {4} plenty of action and adventure to keep the story interesting and moving at a fast pace; {5} suspense so intense that it generates nervous tension throughout the body; {6} quick, heightened emotional and romantic attraction between the hero and heroine; {7} spicy, heated love scenes; {8} amazing dialogue; {9} laugh out loud humor; and {10} sympathetic tears.

On to the nit-picky little things that don't really count, yet distract.   Brad Thatcher was fifteen years old in Don't Tell.   Six months later in Have You Seen Her? he is seventeen.   Page 70, the time transition date is wrong: "October 11", should be "October 10."
--Vonda M. Reid   (Monday; May 2, 2011 : 7:45 p.m.)

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Karen Rose Novels

# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.07-2003Don't TellDr. Maximilian "Max" Alexander HunterCaroline Stewart / Mary Grace Winters
02.02-2004Have You Seen Her?Special Agent Steven Thatcher, NC SBIDr. Jenna Marshall, Teacher
03.10-2004I'm Watching YouDetective Abe ReaganKristen Mayhew, ASA
04.08-2005Nothing To FearEthan Buchanan, Security SpecialistDana Dupinsky, Woman's Shelter Manager
05.12-2005Dirty Secrets [1]Christopher Walker, ProfessorDr. Emma Townsend
06.04-2006You Can't HideDetective Aidan ReaganDr. Tess Ciccotelli, Psychiatrist
07.02-2007Count To TenLieutenant Reed SollidayDetective Mia Mitchell
08.09-2007Die For Me [2]Detective Vito CiccotelliDr. Sophie Johannsen, Archaeologist
09.05-2008Scream For Me [2]Special Agent Daniel Vartanian, NC SBIAlex Fallon, RN
10.02-2009Kill For Me [2]Special Agent Luke Papadopoulis, NC SBISusannah Vartanian, NY ASA
11.08-2009I Can See YouDetective Noah WebsterEve "Evie" Wilson, Student
12.06-2010Silent ScreamFirefighter David HunterDetective Olivia Sutherland
13.06-2011You Belong To Me [3]Detective J.D. FitzpatrickDr. Lucy Trask, Pathologist
14.06-2012No One Left To Tell [3]Grayson Smith, State's AttorneyPaige Holden, Private Investigator
[1]   novella in book: Hot Pursuit (with Carla Cassidy and Annie Solomon)
[2]   these three books are tied together: The Vartanian Trilogy
[3]   these books are part of The Baltimore Series

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Have You Seen Her? Quotations:
29Too bad evil people sometimes live in peaceful towns, Steven thought.   His job would be so much more uneventful if all the evil people congregated together, killing one another instead of innocent people.
165. . . Adam deserved a hell of a lot more than being store-brand vanilla.   . . .
166. . .   He'd quit ten years ago, but there didn't pass a day that didn't have him fighting the craving.   . . .
182Stupid juvenile delinquents whose parents hadn't bothered to teach them right from wrong.   Idiotic kids who had no respect for other people's property.   . . .
187. . .   If only the whole world could be like dogs, she thought.   Life would certainly be simpler.   . . .
205. . .   What the public never seemed to realize is that crime happened to people.   It wasn't sensational, it wasn't thrilling.   Crime happened to people, to families, tore them apart.   . . .
224. . .   Lose the timetable, Steven.   Let life happen as it happens.   Stop trying to make everything happen to your specification.   Enjoy your life.   . . .
224. . .   Life is not black or white.   One or two.   Yes or no.   On or off.   Nothing is safe.   Nothing is guaranteed.   . . .
256"And your mama never said she was proud of you."
340"I guess I just wanted to be different."   . . .   "Special."   . . .
373"My dad loved me."
"But not enough to make your mother stop criticizing you.   Not enough to take care of you.   Not enough to make sure you knew you didn't have to do everything all alone."   . . .

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Characters Found In "Have You Seen Her?"
Character / Location Description / Relationships Found In
AllisonSeth's daughter; held annual dinner; couldn't cook (124)02. Have You Seen Her?
Aunt Helen Barnett
Raleigh, NC
Steven's aunt who is helping him raise his three boys. She is constantly trying to find him a wife. // matchmaker (9) gray hair (140) 01. Don't Tell
02. Have You Seen Her?
Seattle, WA
Neil's old partner from West Precinct02. Have You Seen Her?
Otto Bell
Raleigh, NC
faculty leader of photography club; bushy black brows (411)02. Have You Seen Her?
Dr. Keith Blackman
Raleigh, NC
Wants Jenna to change Rudy's status so he can continue to play quarterback // High Point High School principal; Jenna found distasteful (35) overtly political; sleazy (36) thin face (37) glasses; thin nose (46) prim mustache (227)02. Have You Seen Her?
Lucas Bondioli
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's friend; conversations with Casey and Jenna in teacher's lounge // High Point High School guidance counselor; wanted to be pro golfer (16) wife; four daughters (17) salt and pepper mustache (20) kind (21)02. Have You Seen Her?
Marianne Bandioli
Raleigh, NC
Lucas's wife; 25 years (20) (mentioned only, never appeared in book)02. Have You Seen Her?
Sheriff Braden
Pineville, NC
reported the disappearance of Samantha Eggleston // Pineville Sheriff (11) Anna Eggleston's brother (201)02. Have You Seen Her?
Reverend Monsignor Brennan
Raleigh, NC
of the Raleigh Dioceses (350) wanted to discuss father Mike with Steven02. Have You Seen Her?
Lieutenant Chambers
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Police Department; arrested Neil; called Steven02. Have You Seen Her?
Charlotte Anne "Charlie"
Raleigh, NC
talked to Jenna about Adam // Allison's daughter; wears bangle bracelets; 11-y-o (124)02. Have You Seen Her?
Cindy LouThatcher's hundred pound sheepdog02. Have You Seen Her?
Bud Clary
Pineville, NC
old man; Pal's owner; found clearing; owns 362 acres (26) 80-y-o (21) Parkinson's (26) thin shoulders (28)02. Have You Seen Her?
Mrs. Clary
Pineville, NC
Bud's wife; sharp thinker (27)02. Have You Seen Her?
Neil Davies
Seattle, WA
Detective who investigated serial killer of teen girls; haunted by case when killer not convicted // Seattle Detective (137) big guy; dark hair; late thirties (263)02. Have You Seen Her?
Tracey Davies
Seattle, WA
Neil Davies ex-wife (268) (mentioned only, never appeared in book)02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
NC SBI // Kent's boss; waspish nature (24)02. Have You Seen Her?
Meg DonnellyNorth Carolina State Board of Investigation staff psychologist; Steven discussed Nicky's abduction with her (30) profile the killer (104)02. Have You Seen Her?
Pamela DroggingSamantha's friend; cheerleading squad (121)02. Have You Seen Her?
Anna Eggleston
Raleigh, NC
Samantha's mother; petite; haggard; eyes haunted; beyond pale, skin translucent (117) the decision maker (122)02. Have You Seen Her?
Marvin Eggleston
Raleigh, NC
Samantha's father; whiskey on breath (117)02. Have You Seen Her?
Samantha "Sammie" Eggleston
Raleigh, NC
missing teen (12) sixteen (25) from DuVal High (34) shy cheerleader (100) long curly hair (105)02. Have You Seen Her?
Serena Eggleston
Raleigh, NC
4-y-o daughter (117) beautiful child; large blue eyes; dark, dark hair that fell in baby ringlets to her shoulders (202)02. Have You Seen Her?
Lennie Farrell
Raleigh, NC
Steven's boss; Special Agent in Charge (8) perfectly groomed; a Joe Friday cop (101) cardboard walk; good man (102) 02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Allison's husband02. Have You Seen Her?
Harry Grimes
Raleigh, NC
Special Agent for the NC State Bureau of Investigations // new to SBI; assigned to Steven for training; weak stomach (6)02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's German Shepherd; shelter dog; brother to Jim02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's German Shepherd; shelter dog; brother to Jean-Luc02. Have You Seen Her?
Liz Johnson
Raleigh, NC
Assistant DA (104) Steven's friend02. Have You Seen Her?
Mrs. Evelyn Kasselbaum
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's noisy neighbor (67) silver hair perfectly coiffed; house-dress perfectly starched; ever-present pearls around her neck (78) 83-y-o (361)02. Have You Seen Her?
Harvey KasselbaumMrs. Kasselbaum's dead husband (155)02. Have You Seen Her?
Sandra Kates
Raleigh, NC
SBI investigator (104) seasoned agent; niche expertise in sexual deviants (105)02. Have You Seen Her?
Father Mike Leone
Raleigh, NC
Steven's best friend growing up; silver at temples; white collar; tan throat (91) calm patience (92)02. Have You Seen Her?
Adam Nathaniel Llewellyndied October 8, two years ago (32) red Jaguar, XK 150 (57) Jenna's fiancé (160) tall; tousled dark hair; black wire-rimmed glasses (193)02. Have You Seen Her?
Seth Llewellyn
Raleigh, NC
Adam's father (79) Welsh roots (334)02. Have You Seen Her?
Joshua "Josh" Lutz
Raleigh, NC
Rudy's fraternal twin; no brains; no looks; no athletic capability (128)02. Have You Seen Her?
Nora Lutz
Raleigh, NC
mistress-of-the-household tone; Daddy's rich tired, ugly, whiny daughter; scrawny bosom; air of superiority; rich walnut dark hair, graying (88) 02. Have You Seen Her?
Rudy Lutz
Raleigh, NC
Jenna gave failing grade in remedial science; suspended from football team (17) handsome boy; dark hair; bronze skin; strong jaw; broad shoulders; not too intelligent (126) IQ of a turnip (183)02. Have You Seen Her?
Victor Lutz
Raleigh, NC
Rudy's father; goes to Dr. Blackman; confronts Jenna about having Rudy reinstated back onto football team // huge man; shoulders 2' wide; black fedora; black overcoat; black eyes; clenched square jaw; father of football team's star quarterback (36) arrogant (37) cold expression in eyes; well-tended dark hair; silver at temples; distinguished thug (38) 02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's sensei; Adam's best friend (182) Marine; tattoo on right arm; black belt; young; very nice looking (185) wonderful body (186)02. Have You Seen Her?
Jenna Marshall
Raleigh, NC
Heroine: Roosevelt High School general science and chemistry teacher. Brad is in her chemistry class and she's concerned because his grades are slipping. // tall; dark (19) quiet; reserved; (19) control issues (20) Ph.D (21) insistent; chemistry teacher (30) 30-y-o (33) karate (34) shiny black hair; long legs (41) deep purple eyes (42) striking; absolutely beautiful when smile (44) smelled of coconut; straight jawline; full lips (51) not optimistic; faced problems with facts (56) scent of coconuts (71) lost parents years before (78) guts; brains (87) athletic (192) crusader (195) smart; compassionate; articulate; sense of humor (221) valedictorian in high school, graduated top two percent from Duke, magna cum laude from Maryland, with honors from UNC (256)02. Have You Seen Her?
JoLynn Murphy
Raleigh, NC
Samantha's friend; cheerleading squad (120)02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Casey's boyfriend; adolescent behavior (32) really loved her02. Have You Seen Her?
Dr. Neuss
Raleigh, NC
Casey's doctor (291)02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
four-year-old black lab; injured by killer; led owner to victim02. Have You Seen Her?
William Rudolph Parker
Seattle, WA
guilty of murdering four teen-aged girls in Seattle; Neil Davies arrested; got off on technicality02. Have You Seen Her?
Nancy Patterson
Raleigh, NC
Steven's assistant since at this post; computer whiz; invaluable experience (29) provide database support (104)02. Have You Seen Her?
Gerald Porter
Raleigh, NC
Samantha's ex-boyfriend (120)02. Have You Seen Her?
Wanda Pritchard
Raleigh, NC
Samantha's drama club friend (121)02. Have You Seen Her?
Al Pullman
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh PD officer who took Jenna's statement02. Have You Seen Her?
Alev Rahrooh
Raleigh, NC
victim // from India; long, dark hair (264)02. Have You Seen Her?
Mrs. Richards
Raleigh, NC
George Richard's wife; mad at request for payment of ketamine (316)02. Have You Seen Her?
Emily Robinson
Raleigh, NC
Samantha's friend; cheerleading squad (121)02. Have You Seen Her?
Sheriff Rogers
Raleivgh, NC
(247) burly man (265)02. Have You Seen Her?
Lorraine Rush
Raleigh, NC
victim (7) sixteen (8) well-liked; cheerleader High Point High School; clean-cut All-American (10) shy (100)02. Have You Seen Her?
Casey Ryan
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's best friend; constantly trying to fix her up with dates // High Point High School junior English teacher (16) disorderly (17) blond hair; 5' tall (18) roomed with Jenna at Duke; cheery; social butterfly (19) blue eyes (163)02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Mark's wife (189) (mentioned only, never appeared in book)02. Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh, NC
Helen's friend (115) (mentioned only, never appeared in book)02. Have You Seen Her?
Kelly Templeton
Raleigh, NC
Jenna's student // eleventh grader (34) long dark hair; cheerleader; 16-y-o (35)02. Have You Seen Her?
Kent Thompson
Raleigh, NC
NC SBI; rookie forensics (5) rumored to be good; controlled compassion in eyes (6) easy manner (24) thick lenses (367)02. Have You Seen Her?
Brad Thatcher
Raleigh, NC
failing Jenna's class // Steven's seventeen-year-old son (8) wonderboy (18) bright; articulate (18) senior (19) changed overnight from warm, happy boy to sullen stranger (29) sarcastic; angry (29) spitting image of his mother (75) tall; slender (261)01. Don't Tell
02. Have You Seen Her?
Matthew "Matt" Thatcher
Raleigh, NC
Steven's 13-y-o son; looked like Steven did at 13; red hair going strawberry blond; freckles; insolent grin (112) incorrigible (113)01. Don't Tell
02. Have You Seen Her?
Melissa Peterson ThatcherSteven's wife; mother to Brad, Matt and Nicky // died four years ago in car wreck (20) small (50)01. Don't Tell
02. Have You Seen Her?
Nicky Thatcher
Raleigh, NC
Steven's seven-year-old son (9) no hugs; didn't sleep through night; taken from his bed six months ago by a wife-beating, murdering cop (12) brown eyes; red hair; freckled face (54) seven-year-old (55) carrot red hair; lots of freckles on rounded cheeks (143) older, wiser than seven (154)01. Don't Tell
02. Have You Seen Her?
Steven Thatcher
Raleigh, NC
Hero: Special Agent for the NC State Bureau of Investigations; widower with three boys aged 17, 13 and 7. His youngest was kidnapped six months ago by a man he was attempting to capture related to one of his cases. // Special Agent; North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (5) brusque voice to turn people away (44) reddish gleam in golden hair; tall; powerfully built; gentle touch; warm brown eyes, crinkled at corners when laughed (45) long. strong stride (55) broad shoulders; solid strong upper arms; gentle hands (56) broad shoulders; beautiful eyes; muscular biceps; smelled really good (77) tall; clean-cut; very handsome; blond hair; size forty-eight long; brown eyes (79) back of hand was warm, rough, reddish gold hairs coarse (200) control freak (222)01. Don't Tell
02. Have You Seen Her?
Miss Wells
Raleigh, NC
50-something librarian (171)02. Have You Seen Her?

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Have You Seen Her? Reviews:
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B04-21-2007Aneca's World 
4.27 average{47 reviews}Amazonas of October 10, 2011
4.92 average{13 reviews}Barnes & Nobleas of October 11, 2011
3.0--Book Loons 
5.010-07-2007Borders Online Storeas of: October 9, 2011
B11-19-2008Books, Books and More Books 
4.005-17-2011Cyber Bookworm 
9.33 / 8 / 9.33{3 reviews}Eye On Romanceas of October 9, 2011
3.94 average{72 reviews}Good Readsas of October 11, 2011
A-03-17-2010Leslie's Psyche 
4.20 average{5 reviews}Library Thingas of October 10, 2011
60--Mrs. Giggles Reviewsdisagree with this overly-harsh review
4.508-22-2010One Good Book Deserves Anotheralso on: Good Reads, Reader Store, Shelfari
--02-....-2004Publisher's Weeklyfound on:
4.09 average{11 reviews}Reader Store ( of October 10, 2011
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3.00 average{7 reviews}We Reads . comas of October 10, 2011
4.12 average{17 reviews}Shelfarias of October 11, 2011
5.0010-xx-2011Wolf Bear Does Booksshorter post on Amazon, Good Reads, Shelfari

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