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Sally MacKenzie -- The Naked Duke

Rated: ♥ .   {1.80}
Action: ♠♠. / Emotion: ♣ / Romance: ♥♥♥ / Sensuous: ♦ / Suspense: ♠♠♠.
Action: 2.5 / Emotion: 1 / Romance: 3 / Sensuous: 1 / Suspense: 3.5 // Regency Flavor: 2.5 / Laughter: 2 / Tears: 0

Kudos to the person who decided on the titles in The Naked Nobility Series.   The word "naked" is very catchy . . .   the perfect word to make a romance reader want to read this series.   The titles are quick, easy, and memorable.

Abject apologies to Sally MacKenzie for not liking her debut book, The Naked Duke, the first book in The Naked Nobility Series.   This is going to be a particularly difficult review to write.   Mainly because hate to trash an author who struggled so to get her first book published.   And apparently MacKenzie has succeeded in entertaining many readers with her books because, to date, she has eight books and two novella's published -- which is proof positive that her books are well worth reading.   So take these words with a grain of salt and understand that this review is biased by personal preferences.

Sally MacKenzie did a phenomenal job of grabbing interest by writing an inspiring, exciting, refreshingly new idea for an introductory scene.   The penniless, red-haired Philadelphian Sarah Marie Hamilton alighted from the stagecoach at the Green Man posting inn having ridden for days from Liverpool after disembarking from the Roseanna -- the ship that brought her to England.   Sarah's politically-minded, republican father, David Hamilton, had ignored his daughter her entire life, but upon his deathbed told her to go to his brother, the Earl of Westbrooke.   The weary, worn, drably-dressed Sarah was thankful when a tall, red-haired man convinced the proprietor to let her stay and showed her to a room, insisting his room was down the hall.

James William Randolph Runyon, Duke of Alvord (Marquis of Waltingham, Earl of Southgate, Viscount Balmer, Baron Lexter) was in the private sitting room of the Green Man inn contemplating his future when his two best friends, Major Charles Draysmith and Robert "Robbie" Hamilton joined him for drinks.   Charles and Robbie were opposed to James's consideration of the Duke of Rothingham's daughter, Charlotte Wickford (frequently called the"Marble Queen"), as his future wife.   James told his friends that he felt he must marry quickly and beget an heir before his black-hearted cousin Richard Runyon (and current heir) succeeding in killing him for his title.

James was pleasantly surprised to find a doxy in his bed when he went to his room.   Since she didn't rouse when he first laid down, he decided to sleep first before enjoying himself.   The next morning James awoke to the doxy beating him about the head with a pillow and his seventy-something Aunt, Lady Gladys Runyon and her constant companion, sixty-something Lady Amanda Wallen-Smyth being at the forefront of the people gathered at his door to see him naked in bed with a very naked Sarah.

Found this opening gambit original, cute, fun, and intriguing.   James sent the crowd away, saying they would meet later in the private sitting room to straighten out this misunderstanding.   Even though James explained to Sarah that her reputation was completely shattered, she still refused to marry him.   Sarah's reasons for not wanting to marry this strange duke were tri-fold.   First her father and the Abington Sisters (who ran the Abington Academy for Young Ladies that she'd drudged for) convinced her that all titled Englishmen were, basically, worthless.   Second, as an American she did not feel qualified to fill the role of duchess.   And, third, Sarah wanted to marry for love.

It was also cute and original that the tall, red-headed gentleman who mistook Sarah for a doxy and sent her to James's room the night before was none other than her cousin, the new Earl of Westbrooke.   (David Hamilton's brother, Robbie's father had died last year.)   When James and Sarah joined the others in the sitting room, it was decided that she was stay at the Alvord Castle as a temporary companion to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Runyon, James's exuberant seventeen-year-old sister, while James pressed his suit for marriage.

If a reader can manage to persevere through the next, tiredly mundane, and less than stellar pages as James tries to convince Sarah she is the woman for him (with modern-day innuendo and constantly sporting an arousal) . . . they will find that the second half of the book is not quite as dull.   MacKenzie failed to draw any emotion as Sarah, who was physically drawn to the gorgeous hunk of duke who was pursuing her, constantly rebuffed his advances and didn't understand the constant references to bedsport.

"I am having a little trouble thinking clearly.   The image of your hair against the white of my pillow is quite, um, elevating."   (page 84)

"I believe your brother was giving Miss Hamilton a few extra riding tips," Major Draysmith said with a straight face, though his eyes were dancing wickedly.   (page 113)
Although did not feel any emotional connection to the "perfect" James (a duke that had not one, single, solitary negative attribute), the fact that never felt a moment of emotional connection to Sarah was even more disheartening.   Surely reading about a destitute woman, on her own, in a foreign country, with no signs of finding employment, living with strangers would dredge up some concern.   Never did warm up to Sarah.   She never felt real.   Never felt any of her supposed angst.

James, Aunt Gladys, Lady Amanda, Charles Drayton, Lizzie and Robbie have now gone to London to introduce the heretofore non-dancing, "had no fun in her entire life" Sarah to the ton.   Sarah dances with Richard, who sews seeds of discontent into the romance he sees blooming between Sarah and James.   He tells Sarah about James's nickname, Monk, and that he inherited it because he was anything but.   Add to that, Sarah constantly overhears about James's amazingly creative sexual exploits.   Sarah is even more determined that she cannot marry a rake -- a man who would be unfaithful.

Too many little things about the book didn't feel correct.   {1} Aunt Gladys and Lady Amanda falling under Sarah's quaint, sad charm on the short carriage ride from Green Man inn to Alvord Castle and believing she is the perfect wife for James.   {2} One little wimpy scene where Sarah fussed about being outfitted in an expensive wardrobe.   A more stubborn, realistic heroine would have thrown numerous fits.   {3} How could the only son of the Duke of Alvord be allowed to go to war?   {4} MacKenzie subjected readers to this "just plain wrong" feeling emanating from Sarah the day after she confronted James about his hated nickname:

She saw him just a few yards away and faded further into the palms.   Mr. Belham might have difficulty locating her, but she'd rather risk that than James snubbing her."   (page 162)
James has been pursuing Sarah relentlessly and she thinks James will snub her simply because she called him Monk to his face?

Previously mentioned that MacKenzie make James a "perfect" duke.   She even went so far as to brand him with the stigma of being a twenty-eight year old virgin.   James's reasons for his rejecting his father's first attempt to introduce him to the world of womanizing rang true, but his motivations to remain chaste afterwards felt forced.   This facet of James's personality just wasn't believable.   A gorgeous, rich, powerful, charismatic Duke still a virgin at twenty-eight!   Nope!   Didn't buy it!

The pace and interest in the book stepped up a bit as MacKenzie introduced the point-of-view character, Philip Gadner, Richard's valet.   Philip has been in love with Richard since he was seventeen.   Philip is the tool MacKenzie uses to witness Richard's constant rages and future plans in his obsessive desire to wrest the dukedom from his hated cousin.   Mean-spirited, almost mad, Richard is featured as unredeemable as James is perfect.

Throwing another villain into the mix helped keep the suspense and interest alive in the story.   Richard decides to blackmail the corrupt, ruthless New York whore trader, William Anthony Dunlap into publically ruining Sarah.   Richard gets the tall, beautiful man invited into the houses of high society (another not quite believable action), to dance with Sarah and lead her to the garden for a little rape and ruin.   As expected, he fails in this endeavor.

One would think that after an entire book peppered with countless pages of almost unquenchable lust oozing from the pores of James and Sarah, that when they finally made love, there would be sizzle and heat.   But, opps, remember, James is a virgin.   Guess that is the reason for the lack of zest and zing.   But it could be because the sexual desire throughout the entire book is a bit drool:

His mouth came down to stop her acid words.   His tongue flashed in on her gasp of shock and plundered her sweetness.   He felt her sag against him and his hands slid down her back to cradle her bottom.   He brought her closer against the part of him that ached so badly for her."   (page 181)
Several other personal quirks added discontent to the story.   First did not feel that MacKenzie invested as much time researching the Regency era as other authors (such as Nicole Jordan, Madeline Hunter, Mary Balogh).   There was a decided lack of realism to the dialogue.   The book just didn't have that "Regency" feel.   Second, although could determine that the story took place some time after Waterloo (1815), wished MacKenzie had given a specific date in which the story took place.   Third, didn't know how old Sarah was.  The fact that she was a spinster was not very revealing.  Fourth, had no idea in which part of England this story took place.   Where is the Green Man inn, Alvord Castle, the Westbrooke estate?

Even though The Naked Duke, Sally MacKenzie's first book in The Naked Nobility Series was not a total wash (did finish the book), would not recommend it.   Yes, pick up and read this book if you have no other book handy, but otherwise, look elsewhere for a great read.
--Vonda M. Reid   (Saturday, March 17, 2012 : 11:34 p.m.)     [222]

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The Naked Nobility Series
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.02-2005The Naked DukeJames William Randolph Runyon
Duke of Alvord
Sarah Marie Hamilton
Penniless Philadelphian
02.03-2006The Naked MarquisCharles Draysmith
Marquis of Knightsdale
Emma Peterson
Vicar's Daughter
03.04-2007The Naked EarlRobert "Robbie" Hamilton
Earl of Westbrooke
Lady Elizabeth "Lizzie" Runyon
Best Friend's Sister
04.04-2008The Naked GentlemanJohn Parker-RothMargaret Peterson
05.02-2009The Naked Laird
    in: Lords of Pleasure
Lord KilgornLady Kilgorn
06.05-2009The Naked BaronBaron DawsonLady Grace Belmont
07.06-2010The Naked ViscountEdmund SmythLady Jane Parker-Roth
08.02-2011The Naked Prince
    in: An Invitation To Sin
Lord Damian KenderlyJosephine Atworthy
09.06-2011The Naked KingStephen Parker-RothLady Anne Marston

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The Naked Duke Quotations:
69"Like they accept everyone -- with false smiles and backbiting and the hope that you'll do something really dreadful so they can talk about you . . ."
208"She was tired of being alone.   She was tired of trying to be strong."

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Characters Found In "The Naked Duke"
Character / Location Description / Relationships
James William Randolph Runyon
Duke of Alvord, Marquis of Waltingham, Earl of Southgate, Viscount Balmer, Baron Lexter
[Hero] golden eyebrows (13) war hero; 28-y-o (16) warm amber eyes; golden hair; sculpted lips (21) fine dusting of golden hair, slightly darker than that on head covered chest; muscles in flat belly (25) broad back (26) dark blond hair; mellow, deep, magical, warm honey voice (26) quite tall (28) long lashes tipped in gold (82) assumed title at 25 (83) Cambridge; in Spain in 1811 until April 1813, fought at Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Salamanca (105) strength in his face; assurance; unconscious power (121) clean strong angle of jaw (140) vast financial and political power (160) strong back that tapered down to narrow waist (246) muscles bulging in upper arms (247)
Sarah Marie Hamilton[Heroine] red hair (8) Philadelphia (13) beautiful; long fiery hair; high cheekbones; long lashes; elegant neck; young; innocent; smooth, warm skin (18) delicate cure of wrist and forearm; soft hair, short through with threads of gold; peach-tinged skin, not freckled; nose a little blunt; lips a little thin (19) nice, soft educated voice (24) tall; came to James's shoulder (28) narrow waist; delicate ribs; lovely small breasts; prickly independent American girl; refused to follow British rules (77) Marie (212)
. . .. . .
Abigail Abington[No Appearance] tall, thin sister (12) Abington Academy for Young Ladies; Sarah drudged there for the sisters (37)
Clarissa Abington[No Appearance] short, stout sister; gray ringlets (12) pudgy fingers (13) Abington Academy for Young Ladies; Sarah drudged there for the sisters (37)
Albert[Rare Appearances] new footman James hired for protection; shorter; beefier; Bow Street cauliflower-shaped nose (217)
Alf[Rare Appearances] Dunlap's hired henchman (239)
Billy Amesley[No Appearance] pockets to let; married Harriet Drummond (65)
Mr. Belham[Rare Appearances] fetching drink for Sarah at ball // young (161) not the most handsome; "looked as though he had been pulled into this world by his nose, with his forehead and chin left t catch up. They had not done so."; small chin; prominent nose (164)
Tom Bellington[No Appearance] New York City; Dunlap killed (223)
Charlie Bentworth[No Appearance] Pearson's cousin; in Navy (86)
Betty[Rare Appearances] Lizzie's maid; good with needle (57)
Walter Birnam[No Appearance] James's excellent steward (76)
Lady Felicity Brookton[One Appearance] in ladies room at Palmerson ball // came out this season; one of Sarah's least favorite (195) 17-y-o; pampered, protected by rich, influential papa (202)
Lady Carrington[No Appearance] Sarah was bait for Richard at her ball (284)
Mrs. Croft[Rare Appearances] dressmaker in village (57)
Walter Cunningham[No Appearance] Boston; Dunlap killed (223)
Lord Dearvon[One Appearance] old soldier; bald pate; hairy ears; at accident site
Dolly[No Appearance] madame of Dancing Piper; greeted James's father warmly; huge breasts; small woman
Major Charles Draysmith[Major Secondary Character] [Book 2 Hero] James's good friend; broad hands; curly brown hair (13) 30-y-o (16) shorter; broader (28) Light Dragoons (71) second son; Cambridge; excellent officer; nothing in common with brother (112) handsome man; military bearing emphasized width of shoulders; light blue eyes with dark rims were striking (136)
Harriet Drummond[No Appearance] no beauty (64) landed Billy Amesley because a heiress (65)
William Anthony Dunlap[Secondary Character] New York whore trader; competent; ruthless (157) liked his women fleshy; his boys young and skinny (158) 35-y-o (160) hired shrewd businesswomen to spy as they run his businesses; loved power more than wealth and sex (161) tall man; one of most beautiful Sarah had ever seen; thick chestnut hair; dark brown eyes; finely sculptured features; small scar by right corner of his mouth; slip bump on classically straight nose (163) predatorily male (164) accomplished dancer; entertaining conversationalist (165) dangerous (178) Anthony (215)
Earl of Easthaven[No Appearance] frequent guest at Dunlap's businesses (160)
Earl of Eldridge[One Appearance] playing cards with James at Carrington ball (287)
Miss Julia Fairchild[One Appearance] gossip (196) in ladies room at Palmerson ball // 17-y-o; pampered, protected by rich, influential papa (202)
Mrs. Melinda Fallwell[One Appearance] Amanda whispered something to her at Palmerston ball(194) one of Amanda's particular friends; gossip (288)
Fanny[No Appearance] Dancing Piper girl Dolly selected for James (150) painted lips; rotting teeth; smelled of garlic, onions, sweat, Richardson; mid-to-late 30s; sizeable breasts drooped (151) ample stomach (152)
Oliver Featherstone[One Appearance] road bare-assed down Bond Street on a bet (72) gravelly rough whisper (200)
Philip Gadner[Point of View Secondary Character] Richard's valet; in love with Richard at 17; tired of Richard's rages at 30 (118) bony knees (119)
Gilly[No Appearance] doxy Richard injured on his visit to The Rutting Stallion
David Hamilton[No Appearance] Sarah's father (12) old earl's younger brother (24) intensity; compelling (30) physician; very active in politics; impractical; gave money away freely; asked no fees from patients (31)
Robert "Robbie" Hamilton
Earl of Westbrooke
[Major Secondary Character] [Book 3 Hero] James's good friend; Sarah's cousin (9) tall man; reddish hair (9) slightly glazed hazel eyes; lopsided grin; found bottom of brandy bottle (10) broad shoulders; twinkle in eye; deep dimple in right cheek (11)
Elvira Hammersham[One Appearance] signing at Hammersham soiree; could not carry a tune (227)
Harrison[Rare Appearances] James's proper valet (245)
Duke of Hartford[One Appearance] particularly lustful conversation at Hammersham soiree; short; elderly; dressed in height of fashion (225) 80-y-o; deaf as a post (226)
Lady Huffington[One Appearance] attended Alvord ball; calculating eyes (126l)
Jakes[Rare Appearances] innkeeper; greasy hair (9)
Jonathan[Rare Appearances] new footman James hired for protection; over 6' tall; shoulders as wide as door; hands size of melons; Bow Street (217)
Paul Draysmith
Earl of Knightsdale
[No Appearance] Charles' older brother (112) Paul; born Earl of Northfield; became Earl while at Eton; life not his own (138)
Pierre Lafontaine[No Appearance] Paris; Dunlap killed (223)
Landers[No Appearance] James's schoolmate in Dancing Piper (153)
Layton[Rare Appearances] Alvord butler; very proper; very elderly (54) thick mane of white hair; very imposing nose (55)
Lady Leighton[One Appearance] first guest to meet Sarah at Alvord ball; said about time she returned from Americas (123)
Earl of Lugington[No Appearance] Chuckie Phelps's father (160)
Susan MacDonald[No Appearance] Sarah's mother; soft voice; flame-colored hair; her father a Philadelphian flour merchant (48)
Mrs. Mandley[One Appearance] Robbie's housekeeper (110)
Lady Rosalyn Mannerly[One Appearance] in ladies room at Palmerson ball // gossip (196) 17-y-o; pampered, protected by rich, influential papa (202)
Earl of Mardale[No Appearance] daughter coming out; fine figure of a man (65)
McGee[One Appearance] James's stable hand; short man; gray hair (104)
Molly[Rare Appearances] local doxy; bright red hair; purplish bruise (42)
Honorable Felix Muddleridge[One Appearance] involved in accident with James and Robbie (298)
Nan[One Appearance] local doxy (42)
Newtonhorse James got when came down from Cambridge (105)
Lady Palmerson[One Appearance] hosting ball; faded blue eyes (191)
Marquis of Palmerson[No Appearance] hosting ball (190)
Walter Parks[Rare Appearances] James's investigator (183) little man; excellent soldier; excellent shadow; grown up poor in Totfield Hills; learned to be obtrusive (214)
Viscount Paxton[One Appearance] playing cards with James at Carrington ball (287)
Becky Pearson[One Appearance] James took Sarah to visit Pearson's // James's tenant; Tom's wife; short; comfortably plump (87)
Billy Pearson[One Appearance] Tom and Becky's 8 month old son (87)
Jane Pearson[One Appearance] Tom and Becky's daughter; large brown eyes (86)
Maggie Pearson[One Appearance] Tom and Becky's daughter; large brown eyes (86)
Ruth Pearson[One Appearance] Tom and Becky's 2-y-o daughter (87)
Thomas Pearson [One Appearance] Tom and Becky's son; twin (85)
Timothy Pearson[One Appearance] Tom and Becky's son; twin (85)
Tom Pearson[One Appearance] James took Sarah to visit Pearson's // James's tenant; Becky's husband; James's childhood friend; short; stocky (87)
Colonel Pendergrast[One Appearance] at Palmerson ball; jaw-me-dead conversation (199)
Chuckie Phelps[No Appearance] Lugington's heir; ended up dead in Dunlap's Paris house with Dunlap's drawers around his neck (215)
Pythagorassemi-retirement; huge brown horse; James got on his 15th birthday (105)
Sir Joshua Reynolds[No Appearance] painted portrait of David Hamilton and his parents
Mr. Roland Richardson[No Appearance] James's Greek don; Fanny's current customer (150)
Rosebudhorse for Sarah to ride (103)
Duchess of Rothingham[Rare Appearances] disliked Sarah; wanted James for her daughter // short; sharp, beaky nose; calculating eyes; Charlotte's mother (126)
Duke of Rothingham[No Appearance] Charlotte Wickford's father; hinted about marriage to his daughter at Whites (17)
Rufus[One Appearance] hackney driver (290)
Lady Elizabeth "Lizzie" Runyon[Major Secondary Character] [Book 3 Heroine] James's sister (39) seventeen; bit of a handful (40) James's sun-streaked hair (52) volatile mix of poise and exuberance (53)
Lady Gladys Runyon
"Aunt Gladys"
[Major Secondary Character] James's Aunt // wrinkled face; bright inquisitive eyes (22) James's father's older sister; tall; angular; over 70-y-o (22) raised James after his mother died when he was 11 (36) heart of gold (38)
Richard Runyon[Major Secondary Character] attempting to kill James to become Duke of Alvord // James's black-hearted cousin (13) long, pale face; high-bridged nose; icy blue eyes; looked like devil in her father's copy of Paradise Lost (7) black hair (42) Runyon (43) thin black eyebrows (45) hates James with a passion bordering on insanity; a nasty customer (79) devious (97) sharp angles of nose and cheekbones (158) whiff of madness about him (159)
Captain Rutledge[No Appearance] James used his ship to remove Dunlap from England // captained Flying Gull (267)
Scruggs[Rare Appearances] Alf's partner; henchman (305)
Lady Amanda Wallen-Smyth[Major Secondary Character] short; wrinkled face; bright inquisitive eyes (22) Gladys' constant companion; mid-60s; small; delicate looking; gossip ferret; shrewd brown eyes (23)
Mrs. Stallings[Rare Appearances] Alvord housekeeper; short; plump; brown hair beneath cap liberally streaked with gray; solid form (55)
Lord Stevenson[One Appearance] biggest prig (195) stopped Symington from claiming his dance with Sarah at Palmerson Ball (195)
Lucinda [Symington][No Appearance] Symington's wife (130)
"Simple" Symington[Several Appearances] looking for new wife; pursuing Sarah // short balding man; prominent stomach; widower (130) ample eyebrows (131) bulbous nose; liver, onions, garlic breath (131) three strands of hair over pink scalp (175)
Thomas[One Appearance] Alvord footman (56)
Baron Tundrow[One Appearance] playing cards with James at Carrington ball (287)
Lady Wainwright[One Appearance] holding ball Sarah and Runyon's attended (179)
Charlotte Wickford[Secondary Character] James's plans to propose; "Marble Queen"; cold as stone (15) duke's daughter; been out a few years; will know how to run household (16) blond hair; did she have blue eyes; petite; never said much of interest (17) delicate features; cool, serene manner; looked like expensive porcelain doll (127)
Wickam[No Appearance] James's schoolmate in Dancing Piper (153)
Wiggins[Rare Appearances] Alvord London butler (120)
Viscount Wycomb[One Appearance] involved in accident with James and Robbie (298)
{no name}coachman; small brown eyes, warm with concern, thick graying brows; beefy fingers (8)

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  1. Excellent review and enjoy the "cheat sheet". Your review regarding time, date and location of book is spot on. You are correct to state if reader is an season reader of this genre (Quinn, James, Kleypas) errors in the author's description of the "ton" are easy spotted. Thank you again for an excellent review and website.

    1. Thank you, Monica, for reading this review and and agreeing with my assessment of the book.

      I'm sorry for being so slow to respond. As you can probably tell, I haven't been posting any reviews for a while so I haven't been visiting my blog very often.

      Today, however, I began working on adding some reviews before the year ends, and stumbled upon your comment.

      Thank you, again, for letting me know of your visit.