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Carla Neggers -- Cold Moonlight

Carla Neggers -- Cold Moonlight (in: Love Is Murder Anthology)

Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥   {3.00}
Action: 1.0 / Emotion: 1.0 / Romance: 3.0 / Sensuous: - / Suspense:1.0  //  Giggles: 1 / Tears: 0

Setting:     Black Falls, Vermont
Era:           Present Day [2012]
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Well shoot!   Just read the incredibly short story, Cold Moonlight by Carla Neggers, published in the Love Is Murder Anthology.   The story was fun, entertaining, and interesting, but, dang it all, it was just too short.   And . . . it contains characters that I haven't met yet because even though I've read other books by Carla Neggers, The Black Falls Trilogy is still located in my monstrously large 'To Be Read' pile.  

Maybe this book of 'way too short' short stories is really a very clever marketing tool.   A talented author, such as Carla Neggers, includes a short story about characters she probably introduced in the first book of The Black Falls Trilogy, Cold Pursuit, and if a fan reads Cold Moonlight, she can't help but want to dig through her stack of books and pull out the trilogy and start reading.   (Or, if not yet purchased, go out and buy the trilogy.)

Because, naturally, now the intriguing, skilled Navy SEAL, Ryan "Grit" Taylor, the hero of this book, has captured the reader's interest.   Since he was apparently somehow involved with Elijah Cameron (the hero of book one) in the round up of killers operating in Black Falls, Vermont, it seems almost necessary to go get the book and read it to see what other information about Grit can be found in that book -- besides the fact that he lost the lower part of his left leg in a firefight in Afghanistan.

The same holds true about the heroine, Marissa Neal, the Vice President's eldest daughter and a high school history teacher, who makes a mean Molotov cocktail.   There is just enough information to snag the readers interest, but because this story is so short, there is no way any of the characters can be well-developed.   So, again, you have to wonder if Marissa's personality is better developed in Cold Pursuit.

Charlie Neal, Marissa's sixteen year old brother has one hoping that when he gets older, he, too, will have a book.   A kid with this much spunk and a genius IQ has to have a wonderful story hidden somewhere in the recesses of Neggers' imagination.   Neggers' displayed her talent when it comes to writing humorous dialogue, utilizing Charlie's lack of tact.

"I'd like you as a brother-in-law.   Two of my sisters are dating real dicks."   (Charlie to Grit, page 50)

One other character who appeared on the pages of the book that inspired incredible interest was the friend Grit lost back in Afghanistan, Michael "Moose" Ferrerra.   It was really clever the way Neggers included Moose in this story – like he couldn't leave Grit alone until Grit found his happily ever after with Marissa.   Marissa is not the only one who is interested in Moose's story!

One day Grit would tell Marissa about his friend Michael "Moose" Ferrerra and the good life he'd lived.   (Grit, page 51)

Even though this story was entertaining, it's brevity prevented maximum enjoyment.   The action was over in the blink of an eye, so you have no idea what really happened when Grit took out the bad guy, Brian Fenton.   There was no edge of your seat intensity as Marissa and Grit arrived at the ski house to face Brian.   Instead of suspense, Neggers was promoting the relationship between Grit and Marissa as they shared their feelings of love in the midst of their dicey situation.

As mentioned before, it seems a shame that our favorite authors are putting these tiny little narratives together and asking fans to buy stories that, 'In My Humble Opinion' should be provided as "extras" on their websites.   But I don't have to make my living selling my words as do these talented, gifted authors, so I could be wrong in asking them to gift these stories to their readers.
--Vonda M. Reid (Thursday, April 25, 2013 : 4:16 p.m.)     [308]

Books In The Series: "The Black Falls Trilogy"
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.01-2008Cold PursuitElijah Cameron, military, mountain rescueJo Harper, Secret Service Agent
02.12-2009Cold RiverSean CameronHannah Shay, Three Sisters Cafe
03.11-2010Cold DawnNick Martini, smoke jumperRose Cameron, search and rescue expert
1/806-2012Cold Moonlight [1]Ryan "Grit" Taylor, Navy SEALMarissa Neal, high school teacher
[1] Very short story found in the Love Is Murder Anthology, edited by Sandra Brown.

Characters Found In "Cold Moonlight"
Character Description
Ryan "Grit" Taylor[Hero] lost left leg below knee year ago in firefight in Afghanistan; prosthesis; Navy SEAL (37) moved with agility and smoothness; one of finest men Marissa ever knew (43) witty; sexy; ultra-competent; incorrigible; dark hair; wiry; quiet; quick wit; steadiness that took people by surprise; mix of Creek and Scots-Irish; kid from swamps of Florida Panhandle; always wanted to see the world (44) calm and steady in crisis (44) focused; listened with intensity; dark eyes (46) attractive in an understated manly way (48) Petty Officer (50)
Marissa Neal[Heroine] eldest daughter of President Neal, Vice President of US (37) eldest of five (38) high school history teacher (43) always cooperated with the Secret Service (44) unpredictable; totally herself (50)
. . . . . .
Elijah Cameron[Hero of Book 1] Special Forces soldier; with Grit night lost lower leg; hometown: Black Falls; never one to ease into a conversation (38) Cameron blue eyes (39) strength; determination (41) combat veteran (43)
Brian Fentonprivate military contractor; Marissa had dinner with him a few times before the election; wanted by the FBI; selling weapons, supplies, parts, whatever could get hands on in black market (47)
Michael "Moose" FerrerraGrit's friend; killed in Afghanistan (42)
Jo Harper[Heroine of Book 1] Elijah's fiancé; Secret Service Agent; Black Falls native (39)
Charlie NealMarissa's brother; youngest Neal; 16-y-o; meddling genius; only son; tendency to overreact (37) knew how to give Secret Service the slip (37) fair hair; confident (38) 180 IQ; liked to talk (41)

Locations Found In "Cold Moonlight"
Location / Organization Description
Black Falls, Vermontsetting of book (37)
Black Falls Lodgethe Cameron's lodge (49)
Green Mountainswooded mountain where action takes place (38)

"Cold Moonlight" Quotations
49She lifted her head and focused on the man she loved, standing in the moonlight.   (Marissa)
50"I'd like you as a brother-in-law.   Two of my sisters are dating real dicks."   (Charlie)
51One day Grit would tell Marissa about his friend Michael "Moose" Ferrerra and the good life he'd lived.   (Grit)

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♥   Disclaimer:   I Borrowed This Book From The Library
♥   Very Subjective Rating

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