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Michele Albert -- Her Last Chance

Michele Albert -- Her Last Chance

Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . ♥   {4.45}
Action: ♠♠♠ / Emotion: ♣♣♣.♣ / Romance: ♥♥♥♥ / Sensuous: ♦♦♦.♦ / Suspense: ♠♠♠♠
Action: 3.0 / Emotion: 3.5 / Romance: 4.0 / Sensuous: 3.75 / Suspense: 4.0  //  Laughter: 0 / Tears: 1

  2010: RT {Romantic Times} Book Reviews: Romantic Suspense Nominee
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Setting:     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                  Seattle, Washington
                  London, England
Era:           Present Day [2010]
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Having read all the books included under The Avalon Investigations Series of Michele Albert's book list, would like to divide this selection into two different series; naming them: {1} The Pre-Avalon Series and {2} The Avalon Investigations Series.

As usual, enjoyed reading Michele Albert's exciting, sensual book Her Last Chance, the third installment in The Avalon Investigations Series (to date, a hopefully, open-ended, three-book series).   Albert took a different tack when she wrote this book as compared to her previous books -- this book is definitely part of a series.   Rather than write a story that could easily be read as a standalone book, Albert continued to expand on the premise of Avalon Investigations that she noted in the back of book two, Tough Enough.   Albert included the short point of view voices of {1} the hero and heroine from Tough Enough, {2} the arch-villain that enters all three books of the series, and {3} the man who gives the orders to the operatives of Avalon.   The way Albert incorporated each of these people into this book left no doubt that she has more stories about Avalon stirring around in her head.

Herein lies the problem.   Albert has set up a sequence of events in books two and three that ensure that once a fan begins reading The Avalon Investigations Series, s/he will want to read the next book in the series . . . and the next (if it comes to that).   So where is the next book?   Is there going to be another Avalon book?   After looking at Albert's list of books on Fantastic Fiction, FictionDB, and her Website, it appears that Albert has followed the path of many other authors and decided to delve into the world of Fantasy Romance.   (Angels of Punishment, a Smashwords e-book published in March 2011 appears to be the first book in a Fantasy series (to be followed by Catch a Falling Angel).)   What happened to all the stories floating around in Albert's head about the Avalon mercenaries, and, in particular, Ben's story?   This series needs an ending!

Where is Albert headed with regard to the arch-nemesis of Avalon, Rainert von Lahr?   Very originally, Albert has taken this thief and purveyor of the stolen, the looted and the forged and made him very multi-faceted.   She has left the usual path taken in Romantic Suspense novels of painting the villain in all black and has introduced shades of gray.   The dialogue coming from the mouth of Avalon's villains make perceivably valid points, thus, exposing many gray areas into the lives of these 'not quite so dastardly' criminals.   And, yet, there is no doubt that the good guys are still supposed to defeat the bad guys.

When von Lahr was introduced in book one, Hide In Plain Sight, there was no doubt that this very sophisticated, long-time art thief needed to be stopped (having killed Avalon operatives in cold blood).   In the second book, Tough Enough, von Lahr is the man behind the actual thieves and is presented in a family setting, holding a child.   Now in this third book, Albert has created another layer to Rainert.   Instead of just being a specialized art thief, von Lahr has the same problems as any other intelligent boss, juggling lots of balls, trying to keep all his many clients happy and satisfied, while trying to stay one step ahead of Avalon.

Her Last Chance was a bit difficult to inspire emotional engagement because it was so hard to warm up to the heroine, Claudia Cruz.   Again, Albert was very original in the creation of this ball-busting, mean-mouthed heroine.   Having been raised by deeply prudish parents, it was hard to identify with a heroine that was a femme fatale type with an admitted exhibitionist streak.   Claudia was introduced in Tough Enough and even though she came across as a woman who was not afraid to use her blatant sex appeal to her advantage, for some reason the fact that her fragrance was overwhelming added a touch of crassness to her personality.   (That is not a good perception to have of a heroine.)

Albert did such a great job of developing Claudia's personality and background that she enabled even an old prude to come to accept Claudia in her different-ness.   Claudia's bold, blunt use of "sex fu" (defined on page 140) took a bit of getting used to, but once you accepted her blatant use of sex appeal in her mannerisms, dress and dialogue, she was a likeable heroine who experienced the same insecurities about herself and her man as any other woman (be they frumpy or svelte).

The one thing that made Claudia such an outstanding heroine was that she was not afraid to stand up to anyone to do her job.   It was obvious that Claudia's personality rubbed people the wrong way because she lost her job as a Dallas police officer after she had to shoot a rapist in the line of duty -- not because the shooting was questionable, but because she was not liked.   Claudia used her role as an Avalon operative to stand up for the little guy -- something she strongly believed in.   And even though Claudia was loyal to Ben for all he had done for her, she was still strong enough to stand up to him when the situation called for it.

If Albert excelled at one thing in this book, it was revealing the sexual chemistry and heat that flowed between Claudia and the hero, Special Agent Vincent DeLuca.   Even though Vincent and Claudia fought like cats and dogs when they first meet at the Alliance Gallery crime scene four months ago, the attraction was mutual and instant -- and both of them tried to ignore the pull.   This book opens while Vincent and Detective Matherson (Philadelphia Police Department) watch Claudia draw the eyes of every man in the Champion and Stone Gallery when she enters to interview Arnetta Gallagher, the gallery manager, about the theft of a Greek Corinthian helmet that Vincent (as a member of the FBI's Art Squad) is also investigating.

Pairing Claudia with Vincent was a study in contrasts.   Just as Claudia was not shy about breaking rules to catch the thieves (and necessary since she no longer carried a badge), Vincent was adamant in his belief system that everyone should have to follow the rules, just as he did.

Trusting and believing in his sense of right and wrong, of justice and fairness, was the only way he could get by in this crazy, [screwed]-up world.   (Vincent, page 42)

. . . agents like Vincent DeLuca, who truly lived up to the myth, whom she envied, and whom she so resented because he underscored all her weaknesses and moral frailties.   (Claudia, page 76)

"I'm not going to apologize for my belief in basic ethics, or for trying to hold on to it as best I can in a world that doesn't seem to care much about anything."   (Vincent, page 138)

As Vincent and Claudia each begin to investigate the rash of art thefts to small galleries in the same localized area, they sparred and fought until they eventually agreed to work together on the case.   Albert did not entertain readers with the kind of nail-biting suspense one usually finds in a Romantic Suspense novel, but she did keep readers glued to the pages to see what was going to happen next.   The first half of the book features the steps and procedures that Vincent and Claudia take to solve their case.   It was a total surprise when Claudia figured out who the culprits were and the reason they had targeted the specific galleries they chose to rob.   There was only one small incident that pointed to the fact that Shai Lewis and Candy Bartowski (the art thieves) were targeting Vincent's geographical region.

Since Claudia was such a sexual creature, it stands to reason that when she finally decides to hook up with Vincent their lovemaking would be hot and spicy and have that special sizzle that means the author has written an outstanding love scene.   During the entire book Claudia was as unashamedly aware and desirous of Vincent as he was of her.   It was also gratifying that Vincent was strong enough to go toe-to-toe (no pun intended) with Claudia when it came to the bedroom -- he did not let Claudia call all the shots.   As stated earlier, Albert did a much better job of featuring the romance and sensuality of this story rather than drawing the reader deep into the suspense of solving the art gallery thefts.

Although it was easier to like and identify with Vincent, Albert did not develop his personality to the same degree that she did with Claudia.   As an Italian, Vincent came from a big-family background that made him feel like the sexy man next door.   But while we were admiring Vincent through Claudia's eyes, why didn't Albert explain why Vincent wore those strange, skinny ties (that were mentioned quite often).   Also, if some of Vincent's background had been presented, we would understand why he was so obsessive about everyone following the rules, leading to his particularly intense dislike of Avalon and its mercenaries.

Vincent and Claudia's story was quite often interrupted as Albert took readers to another part of the world to look at what was going on with several other characters.   One of those characters was Ben Sheridan, the "Big Dog -- if not Top Dog -- of Avalon" (page 49).   Ben is a fascinating secondary character and Albert has successfully inspired great interest in him by giving him a point of view voice in this book as well as the previous one.   Ben is multi-faceted -- a down to earth guy who teases his secretaries / bodyguards, and yet a very intelligent, strongly determined, seemingly solitary man whose story demands to be told.   Not only does his arch-nemesis want to know everything there is to know about Ben, but so do I.   What kind of special heroine could Albert create for this mysterious man so he can have his own book?   Albert inspired even more interest in Ben and the mystery that had brought Ben into the secret world of preventing art theft by revealing who really ruled Avalon.

Will Tiernay and Mia Dolan (Tough Enough) briefly appear with a point of view voice in this book as well.   As an ex-detective, Will was patient, smart and thorough, so Ben asked Will to look into a twenty-year-old cold case, the disappearance of Arthur and Gareth Whitlea (father and son).   And to further muddy the waters, the disappearance / murder of the Whitleas was somehow tied to the murder of Maria Balestrini, a young Italian girl killed during World War II.   While Will juggles his Avalon cases and looks into these three murders, he also squeezes in time to be with his fiancé, Mia.

Albert showcased her skills at weaving an intriguing story as she slowly lead up to the entertaining encounter that happened in the famous store, Harrods, in London.   Known for being a sharp dresser, it was no surprise that while shopping for something snazzy to wear for his interview with Mrs. Whitlea in West St. Aubry, Will would be seen by another well-dressed man, Rainert von Lahr.   Rainert exhibited to the cowering, constantly spooked Vanessa how to turn a potentially disastrous situation to his favor.

For some reason Albert continues to build interest in the quite confusing secondary character, Vanessa Sharpton, as she tags along after von Lahr like a little lost puppy in her desire to see Will brought to justice for killing her beloved boyfriend, Kostandin Valaj, back in Boston four months ago.   One cannot help but wonder where Albert is headed when it comes to Vanessa.   She is now a wanted criminal, yes, but she is also a poor little thing that got drawn to the dark side because she just wanted to be loved.   So, again, Albert is addressing the shadows of right and wrong.   And since Albert has invested so much time in the creation of these two characters (Rainert and Vanessa), what is she going to do with them in the end?   Arrest them?   Kill them?

There is something about the way that Michele Albert writes, that appeals to the reader in me.   Therefore, it is not surprising that I would readily recommend Her Last Chance as an enjoyable, intriguing, sensual book to read.   It has the requisite factors that made for a great read: {1} Vincent DeLuca, a down-to-earth, sexy, 'by the book' lawman hero; {2} Claudia Cruz, a unique, overwhelmingly bold, determined, hot, 'break the rules' heroine; {3} a bit of entertaining action to inspire interest in the investigation into multiple art gallery thefts; {4} a modicum of suspense about the thieves; {5} the sharp, deeply sensual interest between Vincent and Claudia that led to {a} hot, spicy, sizzling lovemaking, and {b} the desire to have their own happily ever after; and {6} the continued development of multi-faceted secondary characters (that appeared in previous books of the series).   The one major drawback about reading this book is that Albert has prompted readers to want to read more . . . and then changed directions in her writing.   Instead of giving readers more Romantic Suspense books featuring Avalon (particularly Ben Sheridan), Albert has decided to write Fantasy Romance.
--Vonda M. Reid (Friday, December 28, 2012   2:46 p.m. : 5:10 p.m.)     [295]

Books In The Series: "The Pre-Avalon Series"
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.09-1998Absolute TroubleJulien Langlois; stripperDulcinea "Dulcie" Quinn; former cop
02.10-2002Getting Her ManDr. Jack Austin; archaeology professorDiana Belmaine; Private Investigator
03.09-2003Off LimitsRobert "Bobby" Michael Halloran; detectiveEmma Frey; homicide detective
04.03-2005One Way OutDr. Alex Martinell; paleontologist; professorCassie Parker Ashton; treasure hunter

Books In The Series: "The Avalon Investigations Series"
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.05-2006 Hide In Plain SightGriffith "Grif" Laughton; Avalon OperativeFiona Kennedy; bookstore owner
02.04-2007Tough EnoughWilliam "Will" Tiernay; Avalon OperativeMia Shaeffer Dolan; art restorer
03.03-2010Her Last ChanceVincent DeLuca; FBI Special AgentClaudia Cruz; Avalon Operative
04.hoping. . . Ben Sheridan; Avalon CEO. . .
05.hoping. . . Russ Noble; Sheridan Expeditions. . .

Characters Found In "Her Last Chance"
Character Description Also In
Vincent DeLuca[Hero] FBI Special Agent (1) self-righteous FBI ego; surplus testosterone; with FBI's new Art Squad (16) self-righteous; government yes-man (42) follows rules (62) strange, skinny ties (64) more "direct" than "stealthy" (74) had to be best at everything; restless energy; male arrogance; honest; incorruptible; dedicated; loyal; good lawman (77) dark, wary eyes; ridiculously long, thick lashes; aggressive five-o'clock shadow; bit of chest hair; smelled of summer nights and musky male (79) unexpected charm; flash of warmth and sweetness; sheepish grin (80) the kind of man who kept his promises (81) lean, sleek darkness; long fingers (130) long lean muscles (142) above-average deductive reasoning skills (174) Italian; 3 brothers; 2 sisters (246) 3. Her Last Chance
Claudia Cruz[Heroine] heavy floral perfume; everything about her dominated and demanded; sinuous strut; brassy curls; cinnamon-red lipstick; cold black eyes (1) low, raspy voice (2) loose corkscrew curls in artful disarray; dark, assessing eyes (3) tight skirt; swinging hips; head turner (4) carnivorous interloper (7) private contractor for art theft recovery (9) warm skin; lush curves (13) 5'9"; strong-willed (16) tall; long legs; curves in all the right places; beautiful (38) basic black 9mm Beretta (43) Claudia shot rapist; lost job because she was disliked (60) exhibitionist quirk (109) showcased curved breasts and rear; toned muscles in arms and legs; dirt poor girl whose parents crossed the border to birth her in USA (64) quick; resourceful; always seemed to land on her feet (67) copper-colored curls (69) one hot woman (71) hot-blooded; hot-tempered (73) blunt; craziness; unpredictability (148) warm, supple skin; lean muscles; firm breasts; lush curve of hip and bottom (153) tall; lithe; muscled; toned tendons beneath smooth brown skin; womanly hips; smallish breasts (159) faint wrinkles at corners of eyes; a few scars; a mouth made for kissing and smiling; big, dark eyes; sexually self confident (160) grew up in rough neighborhood (173) big, mean mouth (174) needle phobia (196) Mexican (246) preferred doing things on her own terms; solitary (265) persistent (351) 2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
. . . . . . . . .
Tía AdelaClaudia's aunt (260)3. Her Last Chance
Maria Balestrinikilled in the 1940s; her murder tied to Whitlea (182) 2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Candy Bartowskiin Leone's bar; bottled blond (86) great smile; irresistible sparkle in blue eyes (86) Vincent's stalker (283) Johnny's girlfriend (284)3. Her Last Chance
Officer BachmanPhiladelphia PD (324)3. Her Last Chance
Donald "Digger" Brodystocky; reptilian brain (30) fenced stolen property for mob (31) bottom feeder; looked like could wrestle bull and win (32) fences stolen jewelry and collectibles to his connections in Jersey and Miami; dabbles in drug dealing and extortion (142) Donald (280) 3. Her Last Chance
Mr. ChampionChampion and Stone gallery owner (10)3. Her Last Chance
Jeff ChuClaudia's contact in Dallas; impeccably dressed; young Asian-American; worked for major insurance agency (256) unfriendly, rude and a stick in the mud (257)3. Her Last Chance
ConsuelaClaudia's grandmother; frail; new dentures; lived with Claudia's parents since husband died 2-y-a (259) long gray braids; barely spoke English (260) 3. Her Last Chance
Edward CooksonVincent's supervisor; tall; distinguished; early 50s (55) calm, commanding tone (59) jangled keys and chance in pocket with thinking (302)
Rose Dempseyowner-manager of Alliance Gallery; small woman; overly tanned; 60s (112)3. Her Last Chance
Mia Dolan[Heroine of Book 2] Will's sweet little thing in Boston (176) Will's fiancé (177) museum reproductionist from Boston (252) pretty; slender; lots of dark hair (253)2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
EllieBen's executive secretary / bodyguard; small; wiry; much tougher than anyone would expect; long blond hair; blue eyes; penchant for pink (45) treated Ben like one of her many brothers (46) 2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
FabianaManny's wife; left him (260)3. Her Last Chance
Arnetta GallagherChampion and Stone manager (4) stately gray haired lady that worked for Champion and Stone for 20 years (5) impeccably tailored suit (6) soft, refined voice (10) 3. Her Last Chance
IsabelWhitlea daughter; 7-y-o when father and brother disappeared; married now; moved away (181) long blond hair in ponytail (354) unblinking pale gaze; "Izzy"; woman who gave Ben his orders (355) icy controlling bitch (356)3. Her Last Chance
JanetAvalon's back-up lawyer (45)3. Her Last Chance
Juliebartender at Leone's bar; cute; plump; 20s (85)3. Her Last Chance
Kelliclerk at Alliance Gallery (117)3. Her Last Chance
Joey Leonedid Vincent's yard work; parents owned bar (85)3. Her Last Chance
Ron LevineAvalon's lawyer (45) late 40s; tall; dark; good-looking; soulless lawyer; angular features; coldly assessing eyes (61) Jewish; sense of humor; Armani suit; handsome (63) tall; dark (70) rock solid self-confidence (72) had to be best at everything; restless energy; male arrogance (77) 3. Her Last Chance
John Adam "Johnny" LewisVincent arrested; sentenced to 12 years at Rockview for stealing antiques (284) John Adam Lewis (289)3. Her Last Chance
Shai LewisVincent's stalker; tall; dark hair cut short like a man's (283) Johnny's sister (284)3. Her Last Chance
Tío MannyClaudia's uncle (260) 3. Her Last Chance
Detective MathersonPhiladelphia PD; competent; 50s; pale eyes; thinning brown hair (4)3. Her Last Chance
McConnellman Claudia killed in Dallas (172)3. Her Last Chance
Russ NobleSheridan Expeditions tour guide; in Peru (124)4. One Way Out
1. Hide In Plain Sight
2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
OpheliaBen's older sister (123) married a Whitlea cousin (181) 3. Her Last Chance
Little Otissmall time thief (33)3. Her Last Chance
RichieAlliance employee (113) 3. Her Last Chance
Vanessa Sharpton(92): blond (90) frail; neurotic; K. Valaj's girlfriend (91) not a good liar; feelings ridiculously transparent (96) submissive; subdued; good-girl sensibilities (105) Mia's friend and co-worker for 5 years (178) 2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
ShaundaBen's receptionist / bodyguard; dressed severely in basic black and brown; chocolate brown skin (44) little round glasses (45) hair pulled back in complicated twist; looked like librarian; tall; elegant; lethal; did not do casual at work (46) 2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Ben Sheridan(16): thinks he's above the law; stinking rich; powerful friends around the world; owns travel agency that is a cover for bunch of mercenaries (9) heir to Ross Sheridan; wealthy (47) CEO of Sheridan Expeditions; Big Dog of Avalon (49) divorced 10-y-a (122) perfectly trimmed hair; perpetual 5 o'clock shadow (336) same height as Vincent; intimidating (337)4. One Way Out (m)
1. Hide In Plain Sight
2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Ross SheridanBen's father (47) 3. Her Last Chance
Ms. StoneChampion and Stone gallery owner (6)3. Her Last Chance
Stevekeeping eye on Claudia for Vincent (67)3. Her Last Chance
William "Will" Tiernay[Hero of Book 2] incident with factory bomb in Boston (8) Avalon operative (41) strong affect on women; ex-detective; Ben assigned him cold case of Italian girl's murder and Whitlea's murder; smart; patient; thorough; could be trusted to keep a low profile; made game of squeezing in uncovered items on expense account (50) better than average skills at bending the rules (176) long muscular body; dark hair (177) 2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Kostandin Valajdied in Boston (40)2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Rainert von LahrBen's archnemesis; German; eluding Avalon and law for 15 years; thief and purveyor of the stolen, the looted and the forged; made fine art of disappearing into thin air, leaving nothing behind but the occasional betrayed lover or corpse (49) raised by strict conservative parents (98) sniper in German army (The Bundeswehr) (101) 4. One Way Out
1. Hide In Plain Sight
2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Baron Whitleasecond baronet; disappeared in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1939; didn't die in car crash in France (182) 3. Her Last Chance
Mrs. Whitleagave Ben his orders (250)3. Her Last Chance
Arthur [Whitlea]Gareth's father; killed (48)2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Gareth [Whitlea]Ben's friend; 20-y-o; killed (48)2. Tough Enough
3. Her Last Chance
Stuart WilcoxSheridan Expeditions tour guide; in Peru (124) big man; early 30s; fit; alert; wife; 3 kids; parents; sister (354)3. Her Last Chance

Locations, Organizations "Her Last Chance"
Location / Organization Description
Alliance Galleryrobbed few months ago (32) owned by collectors who specialized in antique needlework; description of location (111)
Augustmonth in which story takes place (14)
Avalon Claudia's employer (11) Seattle based (12) art database as early as 1920 (17) secretive organization of mercenaries who hunted down art thieves, looters, and forgers around the world (47) Ben Sheridan poses as head man (49)
Bellefleursmall town outside Dallas; Claudia's family lived here (258)
Champion and Stoneart gallery in Philadelphia's tourist heavy Old City; theft brings Vincent and Claudia to investigate (2)
Columbia, South CarolinaVincent must go talk to local prosecutor re fraud case (57)
Dallassetting location; Claudia had to travel to Dallas on another case (256)
Elliott BayBen could see from his office window (47)
Greek Corinthian helmetitem stolen from Champion and Stone (10)
Leone's barbar Vincent frequented (85)
Londonsetting location; where von Lahr currently residing (90)
Marseillewhere von Lahr ran when operation went wrong (342)
Philadelphiaprimary setting in book (1)
Rittenhouse SquareClaudia went to meet Digger (109)
Seattlesetting location; location of Sheridan Expeditions (44)
Sheridan Expeditionsin 3-story building overlooking Puget Sound; log cabin style; international adventure tour agency; rustic theme carried over into interior (46) Ben Sheridan's Seattle-based company (49)
West St. AubryWhitlea home (181)

"Her Last Chance" Quotations
42Trusting and believing in his sense of right and wrong, of justice and fairness, was the only way he could get by in this crazy, [screwed]-up world.   (Vincent)
138"I'm not going to apologize for my belief in basic ethics, or for trying to hold on to it as best I can in a world that doesn't seem to care much about anything."   (Vincent)
171"You believe your peers share your code of honor.   You trust too easily, . . . and it's too bad people like you are the exception rather than the norm."   (Claudia)

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