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Suzanne Brockmann -- Forever Blue

Suzanne Brockmann -- Forever Blue

Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . ♥   {4.85}
Action: ♠♠♠.♠ / Emotion: ♣♣♣.♣ / Romance: ♥♥♥♥.♥ / Sensuous: ♦.♦ / Suspense: ♠♠♠♠.♠
Action: 3.6 / Emotion: 3.5 / Romance: 4.9 / Sensuous: 1.8 / Suspense: 4.1  //  Laughter: 0 / Giggle: 0  //  Tears: 1 / Teary: 0

  1995-96 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best Silhouette Intimate Moments of the Year
  1995-96 Romantic Times Choice Award for Best Series Romance of the Year
  1995-96 Romantic Times Gold Medal Review
  1995-96 Romantic Times WISH Award for LT. Blue McCoy
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Setting:       Hatboro Creek, South Carolina
Era:             Present Day {1996}
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Since Suzanne Brockmann is way high up on my list of favorite authors, it should came as no surprise that the second book in The Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series, Forever Blue, was a difficult-to-put-down, entertaining, really enjoyable re-read.   It was impossible not to be thrilled with Brockmann's skill when it came to creating memorable characters, writing witty and endearing dialogue, and telling a thoroughly romantic, somewhat suspenseful story while inserting a bit of action and a lot of detail about those wonderful Navy SEALs.

Brockmann opened Forever Blue in excellent style, immediately grabbing the readers undivided interest, by featuring the hero, Lieutenant Carter "Blue" McCoy, as the point man (which is defined later in the book) leading the other members of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad to Aldo Fricker's terrorist compound so that they could rescue Karen Branford, who had been kidnapped four days ago.   When Blue stealthily entered the room where the fifteen year old daughter of Senator Mike Branford was being held, his anger rose to dangerous levels when he realized Karen has been brutalized.

After Blue had disabled the men sleeping in the room with Karen, he couldn't help but admire Karen's spunk and spirit.   Looking into Karen's clear, brave, brown eyes, Blue couldn't help but remember another battered fifteen year old girl with those same eyes -- Lucy Tait.   Again, reminiscent of Lucy's bravery, when Blue asked Karen if she was capable of walking and she responded,
"Better than that," she said stoutly.   "I can run."   (Karen Branford, page 11)
Blue and Karen made it to the safety of their transport, the USS Franklin, followed shortly thereafter by the arrival of the rest of the Alpha Squad, who had remained behind to engage the terrorists and cover Blue's back.   Blue's compassionate nature was revealed when he expressed his frustration to his commanding officer and best friend, Joe Cat (Lieutenant Joseph "Joe" P. "Cat" Catalanotto, the hero of Prince Joe, the first book in this series), about the length of time Karen had been in custody of terrorists because the uppity-ups didn't realize the level of talent and skill that these SEALs possessed.

It was here in the Prologue of the book that the members of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad were briefly introduced to readers.   Brockmann also let readers know that for the remainder of Blue's story, he was not going to have these teammates covering his back.   And while he would rather face terrorists wielding weaponry, Blue was going to have to enter an emotional minefield when he returned to his small home town of Hatboro Creek, South Carolina to attend the wedding of his step-brother, Gerry McCoy, to Jenny Lee Beaumont, Blue's high school sweetheart.

The book opens back in Hatboro Creek, where police officer, Lucy Tait, is introduced entering the town's most popular diner, Bobby Joe's Grill, to have lunch with her very pregnant friend, Sarah Harrington.   When Blue walks into the diner, with his gorgeous face, his thick blond hair, and all his muscles encased in green army fatigues, it is very obvious to Sarah that Lucy is enamored of him.   What Sarah doesn't know is that Lucy has had a crush on Blue since she was a fifteen-year-old freshman in high school and Blue rescued her when she had been set upon by five boys on the junior varsity baseball team who were angry that she not only tried out for the team, but was selected as starting shortstop.

One of the reasons that this story is not rated five stars is because it is one of those shorter Harlequin "series" romance books that does not allow an author enough pages to go into depth when it comes to character development.   For instance, by the time the back cover of this book was closed, readers would still be wondering: {1} where did Lucy and her mother live before they moved to Hatboro Creek, {2} how and why did Lucy's (unnamed) mother chose this small town as her new residence, {3} when and what happened to Lucy's father; {4} what led to Lucy becoming such a skilled ball player; and {5} what was Lucy's childhood like that she had such a wonderfully happy, strong, stubborn, loyal, 'I will not give up no matter what' nature.

In her gifted and skilled way, Brockmann created just the kind of heroine that readers can love.   And even though Lucy's character development was not quite as richly detailed and multi-faceted as Blue's, she had such a strong-willed, determined, and earnest personality that it was impossible not to admire her.   Lucy was like the proverbial 'bull in a china shop' when she believed in someone or something.

Look at what happened when Lucy's lunch with Sarah was interrupted so that she could handle the disturbance down the street when the police dispatcher sent out a call over the radio.   Brockmann's gift at telling a story is again featured as Lucy (a rookie of only six months) rushed out into the rain to confront four Hatboro Creek residents (one of which was a mean-tempered Doberman).   Lucy eventually found herself at the wrong end of the dispute as she dealt with Leroy Hurley (as mean-tempered as his dog), Merle Groggin (who had been treed by the dog), and Andy Hayes (who was unhappy that Merle was in his expensive Japanese maple tree).

Naturally, it was Blue (Lucy's hero) who ended up defusing the tense and dangerous situation.   While Lucy was remembering that Blue had saved her twelve years ago, he was surprised to find that his body was reacting to the 'not so little' Lucy Tait, better known as the Yankee girl.   When Blue remembered that Lucy had had a crush on him back in high school, he decided to take advantage of the situation and asked Lucy to be his date at the wedding rehearsal dinner tonight at the Hatboro County Club.

Lucy, being a tomboy, relied on her friend, Sarah, to provide the little black dress, the heels, the make up, and the hair style before presenting herself to the country club.   Naturally, there were many conflicting thoughts running through Blue's and Lucy's heads as they surmised what the other was thinking as events began to unfold at the country club.   And one of those events was a hot, passionate kiss between Blue and Lucy on the terrace.
the sad truth was, Lucy had come here tonight with her eyes wide open.   She knew exactly what Blue wanted from her.   He wanted sex.   No strings, no desperate search, no falling in love, no softening hearts.
She knew that, and she'd come anyway.   (Lucy, page 41)
The budding romance was shot to pieces in a flash.   Lucy sent Blue back inside to make his excuses to Gerry so they could go back to the Lighthouse Motel and hit the sheets.   Only Gerry was talking to R.W. Fisher (the Tobacco King), so Blue went to Jenny Lee to make his excuses.   In a complicated turn of events, Blue ended up asking Jenny Lee to dance so they could talk about Gerry.   Blue was relieved that he felt nothing for Jenny Lee, but Lucy didn't know that when she walked back inside and saw them together.

Lucy's dreams went up in smoke right before a loud confrontation took place between Gerry and Blue.   Then Lucy's boss, Police Chief Sheldon Bradley, instructed Lucy to escort Blue from the premises.   Lucy dropped Blue at the Lighthouse Motel, no longer willing to be a substitute for Jenny Lee in Blue's affections, and went home.   So it was that Lucy did not get her one night of magic with Blue because he was leaving town on the first available bus.

But since this is Blue's and Lucy's story, something had to happen to keep them together.   Something big happened.   Blue ended up being framed for murder.

While this is a wonderful premise for a truly exciting, incredibly tense and suspenseful story of how Blue and Lucy banded together to find the killer, Brockmann choose to concentrate on building the relationship between Blue and Lucy.   Again, if this had been a full-length, main-stream book, Brockmann would have had the wherewithal and the page length to include both the suspense and the romance, but, alas, this is a shorter Harlequin "series" book, so the romance took center stage.

Two very important events took place as Blue and Lucy spent time together trying to find out {1} who the killer was and {2} why was Blue being framed for the murder.   First, Lucy had to see Blue as a man with faults rather than an all-powerful comic-book hero.   Second, Blue had to learn to open up his heart and share himself with another.
The truth was, Lucy didn't really know Blue at all.   Because he was mortal.   But all her powerful attraction, all her respect and admiration, was based on some idea of how he should be.   It was based on an image of the way she thought he was.
Sill, what did he expect?   Since he'd arrived, he'd done nothing to straighten her out.   He'd told her none of his secrets, shared none of his feelings.   (Blue, page 101)
Brockmann did a fantastic job of unwrapping the layers that made up Blue's personality.   Because of Lucy's rose-colored glasses when it came to Blue and because of Lucy's fascination with all things pertaining to the Navy SEALs, readers were regaled with stories about Blue's childhood and stories about Blue as he went through BUD/S and Hell Week.   Brockmann revealed that she did her research and that she knew how to present details about the SEALs to readers in a way that would keep them fascinated and entertained as well as to find Blue even more hero-worthy.

Eventually, the story progressed to the place where Blue ripped the rose-colored glasses from Lucy's eyes.   Brockmann, again, revealed her gift at writing dialogue that is truly phenomenal.
"If you expected more from me," Blue exploded, "that's your problem, Yankee, not mine.   Because guess what?   I'm not perfect.   I never have been."
. . .
"You see me as some kind of damned hero, but I'm not.   I'm flesh and blood, and just as capable of screwing up as the next guy.
"Guess what else?" he continued.   " I yell sometimes.   I like to yell.   I like to fight.   But I don't always win, because I'm not a hero.   I'm not always right.   I'm not always in control.   I make mistakes, sometimes stupid mistakes.   I get angry.   I get hurt.   I get scared.   And right now I'm all three of those things."   His voice got softer, and he looked away from her, out the kitchen window.   "Only I can't tell you that, can I?   Because . . . you expect more from me."   (Blue, page 118)
As Blue was revealed to Lucy, and as Lucy remained steadfast, positive, and truehearted, a deep friendship grew between them.   Also, the awareness that existed between Blue and Lucy continued to grow.
"I'm not what you think I am," he said.   "You think I'm some kind of gentlemen.   You think all you have to do is tell me 'no,' and 'don't,' even though you damn well want it as much as I do.   You think that because I'm some kind of hero I'll keep both of us from going too far.   You think you can look at me with those big, brown eyes, not bothering to hide how much you want me, too.   You think you can put me upstairs in some guest room, while you sleep one flight away with your bedroom door unlocked and open, as if I'm strong enough to keep us apart.   But guess what?   You leave that door open and unlocked tonight, and I'm going to take it as the invitation that it is -- because I'm not strong enough.   I don't want to be strong enough anymore.   I'm not a hero, Lucy, and I'm tired as hell of playing one."   (Blue, page 119)
And, yes, eventually Blue and Lucy made love.   And while it was well-written, passionate, and intensely emotional, it had that mellow undercurrent that is required in the tamer Harlequin novels.

Probably due to the shorter length requirements of this novel, Brockmann did not include many action scenes in the plot.   She did, however, write a more suspenseful intensity into this story than that of the previous book of the series (Prince Joe).   There was an aura of suspense all the way through the telling of Blue's and Lucy's story, and during the not quite action-intensive, rushed, big finale at the end of the book, Brockmann created an 'I'm sitting on pins and needles' tension as Lucy raced to save the day.

Although they were not included in his story, Blue's Alpha Squad teammates were introduced to readers.   Three of Blue's SEAL teammates and friends were highlighted during Blue's thought processes and during his conversations with Lucy.   Brockmann did a great job of prompting readers to want to read the next book in the series, Frisco's Kid, by detailing Lieutenant Alan "Frisco" Francisco and the trauma that he suffered years ago.   Being a SEAL meant everything to Frisco and when he ended up in a wheelchair due to a traumatic knee injury, he went from being a jovial, fun-loving man to a withdrawn, silent one.

There were two other SEALs that Blue was close to.   The first was his swim buddy and best friend, Joe Cat.   Those readers who loved Joe in Prince Joe will definitely want to read the story Blue told Lucy about how he and Joe made it through Hell Week and gained the admiration of the meanest, toughest instructor there, the one nicknamed Captain Blood.   The other teammate that Blue considered a close friend was Ensign Daryl Becker, nicknamed "Harvard" because of his Ivy League college education.   It was through Lucy's conversation with Harvard that Brockmann revealed how truly silent Blue had been before Lucy came along.
"How do you know that?" he asked suspiciously.
"Blue told me."
"We talking about the same Blue McCoy?" Harvard asked.   "The Blue McCoy who hasn't said more than three full sentences in his entire life?"   (Harvard and Lucy, page 224)
Blue's other SEAL teammates mentioned in passing included: {1} Harlan "Cowboy" Jones; {2} Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon; {3} Bobby "Bob" Taylor; and {4} Wesley "Wes" Skelly   Each of these men will eventually get their own book.

Two other important secondary characters were left in the shadows of Blue's and Lucy's story.   It was certainly understandable why Blue's stepbrother, Gerry McCoy, was left undeveloped.   However, Brockmann did redeem Gerry in the end by explaining that Gerry had Blue's best interests at heart when he started that argument with him at the wedding rehearsal dinner in the beginning of the story.   Having read The Troubleshooter Series and knowing Brockmann has the skill to include numerous point of view characters into her stories, it would have been nice if Brockmann had included details about Jenny Lee Beaumont, Gerry's fiancé and Blue's high school girlfriend, into this story.   It's too bad that Jenny Lee wasn't given a brief point of view voice to explain why she had done such a low, underhanded thing like dating one brother just to be around the other brother.   It seems like Jenny Lee should have been given more weight in this story than just as a character to make Lucy feel insecure about Blue's feelings for her.

For some reason, Lucy's boss, Chief Sheldon Bradley, was interesting.   Even though his physical attributes were left to the reader's imagination (the only thing described was this thinning gray hair), he came across with a larger than life attitude and his actions seemed to be exactly that of a prejudiced, good old boy from the South.   When the story ended, Brockmann left this thread hanging.   Yes, the culprits were revealed, but it would have been nice if Brockmann had inserted a scene in which Chief Bradley had to eat some crow after the horrible way he treated both Blue and Lucy during the murder investigation process.

One of Brockmann's extraordinary skills is that she can entertain readers simply by creating intriguing, realistic-feeling, minor secondary characters and inserting them into the story to make it even more fascinating and entertaining.   Look at the way that Annabella Sawyer, the Hatboro Creek Police Department dispatcher, was portrayed.   Annabella was a very minor character, who rarely showed up on the pages of the book, but when she stepped forward, she stole the spotlight for just that moment to make her memorable.   Annabella stood out mostly because of the way that Brockmann described her from Lucy's point of view.   But also, Brockmann revealed her special gift at telling a story as she briefly detailed Annabella's unique (and not necessarily pleasant) personality whenever she spoke to Lucy.

Along that same path, Brockmann utilizes the same skill in creating a unique characteristic about each of the protagonists and runs it through their story to give them each an individual identifier that really personalizes them.   In the instance of Blue, it was his shoes.   Even when Blue was wearing his dress whites, he still wore sandals.   And not once, during all the stories that Blue told Lucy, did he explain why he hated wearing shoes.   Lucy explained her individuality by saying that she was as plain vanilla as her white underwear.   Both of these original personalizers were well used in the telling of Blue's and Lucy's story.

In spite of the fact that this is a shorter, series book and there were a few things about the story that could be considered quirky, all in all, Forever Joe, the second book in The Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series is truly an enjoyable read.   Brockmann showcased her talent by including: {1} Carter "Blue" McCoy, a handsome, muscled, honorable SEAL, who revealed a compassionate and vulnerable heart; {2} Lucy Tait, a beautiful, strong-willed, determined, loyal heroine, who stood by her man; {3} a well-told story with some great character development and excellent dialogue; {4} a smattering of action to keep the story exciting; {5} a bit of an emotional tie to Blue and Lucy which resulted in a teary moment; {6} an aura of suspense ran throughout the entire story; {7} a heavy dose of romance was evident as Blue and Lucy spent time together, growing into friends and lovers; {8} sensually understated, yet passionate love scenes; {9} the inclusion of details about Blue's injured teammate, Alan "Frisco" Francisco; {10} Blue's SEAL teammates hiding in the background: {1} Joe "Cat" Catalanotto, {2} Harlan "Cowboy" Jones, {3} Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon, {4} Bobby "Bob" Taylor, {5} Wesley "Wes" Skelly, and {6} Daryl "Harvard" Becker; and {10} although not really developed, the inclusion of secondary characters to make the story come alive: {1} Gerry McCoy, {2} Jenny Lee Beaumont, {3} Annabella Sawyer, {4} Frank Redfield, {5} Chief Sheldon Bradley, and {6} Travis Southeby.   Forever Joe is a wonderful read and is going to remain on my 'To Be Re-Read' List.
--Vonda M. Reid (Wednesday, June 3, 2015 : 10:44 a.m.)     [371]

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Quotes Taken From Reviews Found On Good Reads That Describe Certain Pertinent Aspects of This Book

There is something about Suzanne Brockmann's early books that hit me perfectly as I read.   I can see the flaws, but they don't seem to phase me.

Part of the appeal, evident in this book, is that I really FEEL her characters.   They feel real to me, and I buy their motivations.   I also feel their romance and sink into the story.
--Jennifer (November 3, 2012)   (★★★★☆)

Very cute.   Kind of lightweight for such a serious scenario but I liked the characters and Brockmann's writing always sucks me in and makes me not want to do anything but read her books!
--Rebecca   (March 4, 2010)   (★★★★☆)

The characters were likable and had great chemistry.   . . .   One thing that annoyed me was Aly [Lucy]'s obsession with Blue and Jenny Lee.   He not once acted like he still loved her, yet she refused to believe he didn't.

It was an entertaining read, kept me turning the pages and wondering what would happen.
--Krista (One Love) (Critical) (Aug 12, 2010)   (★★★★☆)

The only thing I don't like about the writing style is the repetition of the things, which keep the main characters apart.   Blue is constantly thinking about that Lucy just wanted to be friends and that he would never fall in love this way.   And Lucy's stupid assumption that Blue only wants a sexual relationship and would only fall in love with a girl like Jenny Lee.   It got really, really silly at the end.   Lucy figured out the reason why Blue directed her to the TV station where Jenny Lee worked, but still assumed Blue doesn't want her.   I really wanted to slap her, just to make her think clear.
--Anja (August 7, 2011)   (★★★★★)

The murder plot was kind of unbelievable . . . the fact that supposedly none of the police knew that SEALs were trained killers in martial arts or that Blue wouldn't ask for help from the SEALs even after being charged was a struggle to accept.   Even the way Lucy became a police officer was kind of unbelievable . . . but hey, it's an Harlequin Romance.   I loved the chemistry between Blue and Lucy and the series is definitely a quick fix when I need one.  
--RJsMommy (December 11, 2011)   (★★★★☆)

Books In The Series: "The Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series" // Members of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad
# Date Title Hero Heroine
01.06-1996Prince JoeLieutenant Joseph "Joe" Paulo "Cat" Catalanotto: CommanderVeronica St. John: Professional Image and Media Consultant
02.10-1996Forever BlueLieutenant Carter "Blue" McCoy: Executive OfficerLucy Tait: Hatboro Creek Police Officer
03.01-1997Frisco's KidLieutenant Alan "Frisco" Francisco: U.S. Navy Retired SEALMia Summerton: Tenth Grade U.S. History Teacher
04.08-1998Everyday, Average JoeEnsign Harlan "Cowboy" Jones: Melody Evans:
05.10-1998Harvard's EducationEnsign Daryl "Harvard" Becker: P.J. Richards: FInCOM Antiterrorist Team
06.12-1998It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
aka: Hawken's Heart
Lieutenant William R. "Crash" Hawken: Nell Burns: Daisy Owen's Personal Assistant
07.11-1999The Admiral's BrideAdmiral Jake Robinson: Dr. Zoe Lange:
08.01-2000Identity: UnknownMitchell Shaw: Becca Keyes: worked at Lazy Eight Ranch
09.03-2000Get LuckyLieutenant Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon: Sydney Jameson: Journalist
10.07-2001Taylor's TemptationChief Bobby Taylor: Colleen Mary Skelly: Wes's Sister
11.09-2003Night Watch
aka: Wild Wild Wes
Chief Wes SkellyBrittany Evans: Single Mother

Characters Found In "Forever Blue"
Character Description
Carter "Blue" McCoy[Hero] Lieutenant; member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad; the world in which he belonged: leading a group of men silently and invisibly through the darkness (7) so in tune with the land around him that he was the night; would die to protect his fellow SEALs; had extensive SEAL training, experience and discipline (8) U.S. Navy SEAL (11) a senior when Lucy was a freshman (12) had dark blond hair and dark blue eyes that burned with an intensity that made Lucy's heart stand still; a loner, quiet, dark and dangerous, capable of just about anything (17) wore green army fatigues, the sleeves had been torn from his green shirt at the shoulders and his arms were muscular and strong; looked as if he could bench-press three times his body weight; wore his shirt open at the collar and unbuttoned halfway down his broad chest; his fatigue pants fit him comfortably, but instead of clunky black Army boots, he wore only sandals on his feet; thick, dark sandy blond hair; strong chin; firm, unsmiling mouth; rugged cheekbones; straighten nose; 12 years of living had added power and strength to his already strong face; the lines around his eyes and mouth had deepened, adding a sense of compassion or wisdom to his unforgivingly stern features; had been good-looking as a teenaged boy; as a man, he was impossibly handsome; eyes were the brightest shade of blue Lucy had ever seen in her life (19) didn't get along with his stepfather; didn't attend stepfather's funeral (20) Lucy found him fascinating (21) his blonde hair fell across his forehead, almost into his eyes, and he pushed it back with a smooth motion that caused the muscles in his right arm to ripple; worked at the marina when he was in high school; Blue is a derivative of his nickname 'Blue Streak'; not known for running on at the mouth; he's a runner; broke all kinds of speed records for sprinting and long-distance races back in junior high and high school (22) velvet Southern drawl (26) muscular build (27) even white teeth contrasted nicely with his tanned face; his smile was pure sunshine in the pouring rain (28) had always been attracted to the overly feminine type, the helpless type of woman who wore lots of frills and lace and needed to be rescued (30) thick, dark blond hair (33) he was pure masculine perfection, if you went for the big, brooding, enigmatic type (37) dressed in the resplendent, almost shimmering white naval dress uniform; had rows and rows and rows of ribbons and medals on his chest; his shoulders appeared impossibly broad, with his will-tailored uniform jacket tapering down to his lean hips; wore officer's insignia out; carried a white hat in his hand; his dark, shining golden blond hair reflected the dim light; his tanned face looks serious and stern; listened intently; held himself stiffly, as if he wasn't quite comfortable in his surroundings (38) in high school, he'd chosen to hang out and work down by the docks where he kept his little powerboat; even when he was dating Jenny Lee, he had stayed away from the country club set; he had been a loner back in high school with only one or two friends, who were also outcasts or misfits; he wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle that he had rebuilt from parts, yet unlike the other tough kids, his grades were exceptionally above average; he'd had a reputation for being a troublemaker simply because he looked the part; he'd been slow to smile; he'd been serious and quietly watchful, missing nothing, but rarely stepping in, unless the cruel teenage teasing and rudeness went beyond the limits; quietly seething temper and ability, and willingness, to fight, and to fight dirty, if he had to; apparently he'd had to more than a few times; had been 5-y-o when Gerry's father had adopted him out of obligation; neither he nor Mr. McCoy had been overly happy about that, but he'd had nowhere else to go; had grown up in his elder stepbrother's shadow, clearly a burden to his stepfather; the little boy quickly became self-sufficient, self-reliant and quietly grim; the boy and the man he had become were watchful, intensely serious and slow to smile (39) larger-than-life presence (40) his rugged features were impassive, his eyes revealing nothing -- no emotion (41) graceful and surefooted; work-roughened fingers (47) always in control; unreadable, mysterious eyes (49) in the past 12 years he had developed a definite preference for spice (52) low dangerous voice (56) a soldier; a warrior (61) had nice feet, they were strong looking, with high arches, and long straight toes (72) thick blond hair (75) his eyes matched the brilliant blue of the ocean (77) would have left Hatboro Creek when he was 16 if he hadn't made a promise to get his high school diploma (86) left town with his heart stomped into a thousand pieces; had wanted to leave Hatboro Creek since the age of 5 (87) Alpha Squad's point man (90) wasn't lying; air of calm seemed to surround him; steady eyes (96) rock solid, tanned chest (98) blue eyes were clear; face unmarked by fatigue (99) could count the people he'd shared his feelings and secrets with on the fingers of one hand (101) eyes like blue steel, hard and unrelenting; powerfully muscled arms; long legs (105) slow lazy half smiles on his handsome face; perfect, athletic rear end (106) he yells sometimes; he likes to yell; he likes to fight; he doesn't always win; he's not always right; he's not always in control; he makes mistakes; he gets angry; he gets hurt; he gets scared (118) not afraid of fighting; he knows what to do when it comes down to violence, how to respond to that and he's good at it; the thought of getting hurt doesn't frighten him; not afraid of dying (123) afraid of going to jail; he seemed warmer, more real with imperfections and weaknesses, they added a depth and dimension to Lucy's image of him; still outrageously attractive; had a full array of human emotions; his vulnerabilities contrasted with his strengths, giving him a sensitivity that Lucy hadn't realized he possessed (124) went through BUDS with Joe Cat 10-y-a; Joe Cat was his swim buddy (126) didn't talk much; he and Joe Cat knew each other so well that they shared each other's thoughts, communicating with a book or a nod; kept his thinking to himself (128) carefully forming his opinions before he spoke, as a result his comments were always short and sweet (129) loyal (132) every inch of him was trim, fit, muscular and tanned a delicious golden brown (140) slow Southern drawl (151) suspicious by nature; since he was a child he had had only himself to rely on; trusting other people meant risking pain, so he had learned to trust no one; had learned to trust the man and his squad in unit, and that trust had grown deep and strong, bonded by friendship and loyalty (164) would jump into a fist fight without a moment's hesitation, but if the battle was an emotional one, he do all that he could to beat a retreat (164) demolitions expert (172) does not have an ear for languages; fluent in German, can get by in French and Arabic (174) always felt like there was something wrong with him, because he was living his mother's dream and hating every minute of it (177) he really liked Lucy (198) honesty important to him (199) expert in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat (205) psychological profile: a perfect candidate for the SEAL program; he is a tenacious, usually steady, thoughtful individual who is not afraid to take action; negatively, his temper can be volatile at times; he is very much a loner, unwilling or unable to share his thoughts and feelings with anyone other than his very closest friends, if even then (207)
Lucy Tait[Heroine] a freshman when Blue was a senior; the first time they met, she had been getting the stuff kicked out of her by a gang of kids; she was bloody and clearly the odds were against her, but she had a defiant lift to her chin and a "you can't beat me" glint in her brown eyes (12) was going to be directing traffic at the posh county club where the wedding was going to take place; police officer (16) had been a scrawny freshman when Jenny Lee had been a senior and she desperately wanted to join Jenny's exclusive club (16) had always had a crush on Blue; wore bangs (17) had only worn her badge for six months; had a liberal arts degree from the state university; had a computer business she no longer had any interest in; had an empty house at the edge of town, no family, only a few friends (26) Blue have saved her 15-y-o neck from a serious thrashing out on the far side of the town baseball field; 'Yankee' had been her nickname all through high school; still referred to as 'Yankee girl' even after 12 years; mother was no longer alive (28) long brown hair, tied back in a utilitarian ponytail; unforgettable dark brown eyes; lovely, almost delicate shape of her face; tall, slender body; first woman on the Hatboro Creek police force; her face wasn't exactly what you'd call pretty, at least, not at first glance; her mouth was too wide, too generous, too big for her face -- except when she smiled; her smile transformed her totally, making her eyes dance and sparkle and charming dimples appear in the perfect, smooth, slightly olive-tinted complexion of her cheeks; her nose was straight and large, but not too big for her face, revealing a faintly Mediterranean ancestry; her eyes were warm and the deepest shade of brown, framed by thick, dark eyelashes (29) her ears were small and amazingly delicate looking; shapely female body; full, soft breasts; flat stomach; slim hips; dangerously long, well-muscled thighs; independent and strong; wore her uniform and the gun at her side with an error of authority and competence (30) had been plenty reckless and wild before, but never in her personal life; as crazy as she had been with her career, she had always been extremely careful when it came to relationships (33) drove a beat up old Ford 4x4; 4 inches taller than Sarah; borrowed Sarah's little black dress (36) wore more than her usual dab of lip gloss, mascara, liner and shadow adorned her brown eyes, and blush accentuated her wide cheekbones; instead of skinny, she looks slender, her legs long and graceful; instead of girl-next-door average, she looked exotic, glamorous and mysteriously sexy (37) five members of the boys junior-varsity baseball team decided to demonstrate just how unhappy they were that a Yankee girl had made the cut and gotten onto the team; could hold her own in a fair fight (39) could have been the post model for carnal desire; looked incredibly sexy; hesitation in her eyes; a kind of vulnerability that made her seem a curious mix of experience and innocence (43) the best shortstop this hick town had ever seen; dark brown eyes (45) had played junior varsity baseball won the most valuable player award; stubborn streak (46) nearly Blue's height, a perfect fit (53) would have spit out whatever was bugging her; was straightforward and to the point; said what was on her mind (53) lived in the same big house that she and her mother had lived in (64) rookie green, but not dumb; will not overlook any evidence that supports Blue's innocence (71) she and her mother repaired the old house they lived in (85) didn't play games, she just laid the facts out straight (88) had read every book about SEALs that she could get her hands on; she'd read the first book in high school because she'd been thinking about Blue, and heard through the local grapevine that he'd been accepted into the SEAL training program; she'd read the rest of the books because the first book had fascinated her so thoroughly (91) wasn't the sort of person who had to fill every available space with doodads and souvenirs, she wasn't afraid of a clean surface or an empty wall (94) long brown hair; smiled with a flash of white teeth and sparkling brown eyes; had a solid streak of good girl running through her; so alive, so animated; she talked with her hands, gesturing, shrugging, moving, smiling (102) did not have the kind of beauty that would draw stares or whistles; encompassing warmth to her smile; her fresh, funny, upbeat personality had a powerful draw; eyes had a dazzling sparkle (103) she was so clearly overpowered, so obviously in a position of being dominated, yet she wouldn't give in; she refused to back down (105) big brown eyes did not hide her desire for Blue (119) slender but had some real muscle in her arms and legs and torso, giving her body shape and definition; her stomach was flat and her hips curving softly out (148) impossibly beautiful; her lashes were long and dark (159) air of calm confidence (165) clean fresh scent (172) stayed in Hatboro Creek because it was her mother's dream (175) she was beautiful in the moonlight; dark hair hung thick and shining around her shoulders; shoulders were both strong and feminine at the same time; she was muscular and sleek, yet soft in all the right places; her legs were long and well toned, leading up to slim hips and a flat stomach (179) five-thousand-watt smile (181) when she listened to Blue talk, she really paid attention; wasn't afraid of silence, like most people (184) moved back to Hatboro Creek about a year ago, right after Edgar died (195) stayed with Edgar when he became depressed (196) couldn't go back to their company after Edgar's death (197) Blue loved her smile, her laughter, her bluntness, her cheerful honesty (198)
. . . . . .
Jenny Lee Beaumont[Secondary Character] from Hatboro Creek; Blue's high school sweetheart; getting married to Gerry McCoy; the only girl Blue had ever talked about to his teammates; had always been in love with Gerry (15) was going to be the wedding of the decade; had been a senior when Lucy was a scrawny freshman; blond; beautiful homecoming queen (16) had moved into Gerry's place (31) wore a long, pink dress that set off her soft, blond curls and her peaches and cream complexion; 15 years since high school, but her skin was still smooth and clear; still looked like the captain of the cheerleading squad, with her sweet smile and perfect, beautiful features; had landed a job as entertainment news reporter for the local TV station (40) soft Southern accent (52) Blue had once wanted her more than life; her blonde hair and blue eyes, her diminutive yet well-rounded figure, her lacy, frilly clothes had all seemed the definition of femaleness; now she seemed overdone -- a caricature of the Southern belle, all peaches and sugar and girlish charm; cloyingly sweet and chokingly strong scent (52) so short Blue had to bend over to hear her; Blue had to wheedle out every little piece of information from her (53) in high school, had used Blue to get to Gerry (87) her motive back in high school had been to hang around Gerry's house to catch the attention of Blue's elder brother (102) wearing a rose-colored suit with a frilly white blouse, the frills made her generous bosom look even larger; her hair was up in an elegant bun and she had high heels on her tiny feet, pushing her height up to a full five foot three (215)
Daryl "H." "Harvard" Becker[Rare Appearances] [Book 5 : Harvard's Education] member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) shaved head gleaming like a coffee-colored bowling ball, looking big and mean and scary as hell (14) one of the members of the team that Blue could talk to (102) nicknamed Harvard because of his Ivy League college education; Blue discussed books, philosophy, science, art, technology, anything with him, but he did most of the talking, thinking aloud, rattling off ideas before they had even become fully formed (128) possessed a first-class sense of humor; his shaved head gleamed almost as much as the diamond he wore in his left ear (249)
Captain Blood[No Appearance] the nickname of the meanest, toughest instructor Blue faced in Hell Week; he was out for blood, literally; one of the first things he ever said through his megaphone was "You gotta want it badly enough."
Sheldon Bradley[Secondary Character] Chief of Hatboro Creek Police Department (30) wasn't used to being ignored (56) ran the Hatboro Creek Police Department according to his own rules (57) trying to get Blue to sign a confession; claimed that the case against Blue was going to be open and shut; even though they didn't have enough evidence to hold Blue, he said this one was so easy that even the dumbest, greenest rookie on the force would be able to collect the necessary evidence to send Blue to jail within 48 hours (71) thinning gray hair (94)
Karen Branford[One Appearance] United States Senator Mike Branford's 15-y-o daughter; kidnapped; SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad sent to rescue (8) her hair was tangled and knotted, and dirt and blood from abrasions streaked her face and bare arms and legs; hurt by terrorists (10) brown eyes were clear and brave; reminded Blue of Lucy (11) had tried to escape (12) held captive 4 days (13)
Mike Branford[No Appearance] United States Senator; daughter kidnapped (8)
Mitch Casey[One Appearance] the chairman of Hatboro Creek's chamber of commerce; talking to Blue when Lucy arrived at wedding rehearsal (38)
[Joseph] "Joe" [Paulo] "Cat" Catalanotto[Rare Appearances] [Book 1 : Prince Joe] Lieutenant; Blue's commanding officer and best friend (8) member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) dark hair worn longer and tied back in a ponytail; stern face relaxed in a smile nearly all the time now that he was married; dark eyes (14) the commander of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad; finding someone special wasn't all hearts and flowers; seemed happy most of the time; in general, he smiled more and got irritated and frustrated less; but during the times when the Alpha Squad was on a mission, when it had been weeks since he'd seen his wife, and weeks, possibly even months, until he'd get a chance to see her again, he would grow quieter and quieter; he never complained, never spoke about it, but Blue knew his friend; Blue knew that he missed the woman he loved, and that he worried about her when he was gone for so long (64) one of the members of the team that Blue could talk to (102) went through BUDS with Blue 10-y-a; Blue was his swim buddy (126) didn't talk much; he and Blue knew each other so well that they shared each other's thoughts, communicating with a look or a nod (128) had a stress fracture in his leg during Hell Week (130) 5 inches taller than Blue; built like a tank; loyal (132) a rough, tough Navy SEAL from a bad part of New Jersey (151) could plow through language after language, sounding like a native after only a day or two of listening to the tapes (174) voice was pure urban New York, deep and rich and filled with confidence (225) genuine, warm smile (249)
Veronica "Ronnie" [St. John Catalanotto][No Appearance] [Book 1 : Prince Joe] Joe's wife (64) a seemingly prim and proper media consultant who worked for European royalty (150) first impression is that she is an ice queen; usually proper, English-accented, cutting loose by dirty-dancing with her handsome husband (249)
R.W. Fisher[Rare Appearances] the Tobacco King; talking to Gerry at the wedding rehearsal; had sold his tobacco farms and cigarette factories in Virginia and moved his massive fortune to Hatboro Creek about the same time Blue had moved to town with his mother; it had been more than 25 years since he had heard his wages from growing and selling tobacco, but he would no doubt be known as the tobacco King until the day he died (51) pushing seventy (219) well-lined face (221)
Admiral [Michael "Mac"] Forrest[No Appearance] the liaison for SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad; unavailable when Blue called (125)
Alan "Frisco" Francisco[One Appearance] [Book 3 : Frisco's Kid] former member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) several years ago his leg had damn near been blown off and he was still in a wheelchair -- and still mad as hell about it; had been Alpha Squad's unofficial goodwill ambassador; he had been friendly and lighthearted, quick to talk and to make friends with everyone around him; had a sharp sense of humor and a fast wit -- he soon had strangers laughing and smiling wherever he went; his friendliness was sincere; he was a walking party; he always had a good time, whatever the situation; the only SEAL Blue knew who actually enjoyed basic training's endurance test called Hell Week; when told that he would never walk again, he had stopped smiling; losing the use of his leg was the worst thing that ever could have happened to him (13) Lucky's swim buddy (14) Blue had really shared with the injured SEAL; Blue had gone to see him in the Veterans Hospital and the rehab center of few times right after he had been wounded, but Frisco didn't want to talk, and Blue finally stopped going to see him (101) it was difficult for Blue to visit him because of the guilt knowing Blue could stand up and walk out of the hospital and Frisco never would (102) big, towheaded former SEAL was standing; all the doctors had sworn he would never walk again, but he was standing with the aid of a cane; blond hair (249) couldn't hide the lines of pain around his eyes (250)
Aldo Fricker[No Appearance] the leader of the terrorist group that kidnapped Karen Branford (9)
Doc Gray[No Appearance] the doctor Blue had wanted to take Lucy to after the boys had beat her up (45)
Merle Groggin[Secondary Character] Leroy Hurley's snarling Doberman had him treed on Andy Hayes's front lawn; brandishing his hunting knife and shouting for Leroy to get his damn dog locked up or put down (23) one of three men involved in a stand off at gas station on Main Street with Blue (115) one of the men who rode the dirt bikes over the tire tracks in the woods (116)
Tom Harper[Secondary Character] Hatboro Creek Police Department Officer; Frank Redfield's best friend; had not complained when Lucy had joined their previously exclusively male organization; tall; black; built like a defensive lineman (61)
Nora Harrington[One Appearance] Richard and Sarah's baby, 3 months old (248)
Richard Harrington[No Appearance] Sarah's husband; had been home from his shift at the hospital only four hours in the past 48 (18) reported that Gerry McCoy's neck was broke clean through; snapped like a twig; estimated time of death to be a little bit after 11:00 (61) told Sarah that Gerry's neck was broken cleanly (69) small-town doctor (70)
Sarah Harrington[Secondary Character] Lucy's friend; Lucy meeting her for lunch at Bobby Joe's Grill; self-imposed work schedule only allowed an hour for lunch (17) dark hair pulled back from her face and a ponytail, dark circles under her hazel eyes; nine months pregnant; back hurts when she lays down; sciatic nerve accept acts up when she sits; has a review deadline that she can't possibly make because she spent the past three days cooking instead of writing; misses living in Boston; married to the nicest guy in town; just won a prize for her music (18) sharp eyes missing nothing (20) drove little black Honda (33) sent demo tape to the Charleston Music Society; they want her to be part of their winter concert series as a featured artist doing a program of French art songs (114) hazel eyes (115)
Andy Hayes[Brief Appearances] shouting at Merle Groggin to get the hell out of his expensive Japanese maple (23)
Leroy Hurley[Secondary Character] had big brute of a dog; snarling Doberman; was laughing his size 46 waist pants off; had a mean streak (23) he got meaner than ever when he had been drinking (24) beefy arms (25) big man (26) one of three men involved in a stand off at gas station on Main Street with Blue (115) one of the men who rode the dirt bikes over the tire tracks in the woods; brandishing a two-by-four at Blue; Blue called him a drunk, a liar, and a son of a bitch (116)
Iris[Brief Appearances] waitress at Bobby Joe's Grill; took Lucy and Sarah's order; wore her red curly hair up in a bun (18) owned the Grill with her husband, Billy Joe {should this be Bobby}; had a kid in college; insurance wouldn't cover the plate glass window if a fight broke out (82)
Harlan "Cowboy" Jones[Brief Appearance] [Book 4 : Everyday, Average Joe] member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) the new guy; temporary replacement for Lucky on the rescue mission that had injured Frisco; then temporary replacement for Frisco (14) youngest member of the squad and did his best to live up to his reputation as a hothead (249)
Kevin Laughton[No Appearance] a trustworthy FInCOM Agent who works out of D.C.; he'll send someone to get Lucy's tape (226)
Arthur McCoy[No Appearance] Gerry's father; Blue's step-father; married Blue's mother, only she died about five months after the wedding; he adopted Blue shortly after that; he and Blue didn't get along too well; died a few years ago (20) he and Gerry had membership at the Hatboro Creek Country club (38) Blue's mother married him because he was an honest and decent man; he wasn't necessarily a kind man, but she did the best she could in the time she had; she knew she had cancer, she married him for Blue's sake; had nothing to spare for Blue outside of a bed to sleep in and food to eat (176)
Gerry McCoy[Brief Appearance] Blue's stepbrother; marrying Jenny Lee Beaumont; asked Blue to be his best man (15) two years older than Blue, with a quicksilver smile, movie-star good looks and a happy-go-lucky attitude (17) looked nothing like Blue physically; taller than Blue but slighter, almost willowy; his blond hair was a lighter, paler shade and his hair was fine and slightly thinning on top, not thick and wavy like Blue's; while Blue's smiles were scarce, his were almost constant; his carefree, fun-time, no-worries attitude contrasted so sharply with Blue's serious intensity that it was difficult to believe the two men had lived under the same roof as young boys; the town talk was that despite their differences, he and Blue had been closer than many blood brothers, that their strengths and weaknesses had complemented one another (40) was forever trying to work his way into R.W. Fisher's exclusive circle of friends and business acquaintances (51) has been acting strangely the past few days, worried and upset; business has been better than ever; just bought a new car, and the honeymoon plans he made were extravagant (53) "You're not my brother. I don't want you hanging around. I didn't when we were kids, and I sure as hell don't now." (55) "If my old man hadn't felt guilty for picking up and bedding Blue's white-trash mama--" (56) murdered (59) neck broken; his body found in the middle of a clearing (61) autopsy report revealed a clean break with light bruising on his head and neck; whoever killed him knew what he was doing (99) business had picked up at his construction company over the past year; had a number of projects in development and several in progress; joined Hatboro Creek Men's Club (163)
[Luke] "Lucky" O'Donlon[Brief Appearance] [Book 9 : Get Lucky] member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) Frisco's swim buddy (14) Frisco's best friend and swim buddy; almost the same height and build as Frisco; brown hair (249) his face was so similar to Frisco's, they could have been brothers (250)
Darlene Parker[Brief Appearances] Matt Parker's wife (170) tired looking (202)
Matt Parker[Secondary Character] he thought he saw someone who looked just like Blue McCoy arguing with Gerry around 11 p.m., up in the woods near where the body was found (94) an upstanding citizen; he had recently had his share of bad luck; he and his wife got into a loud fight about his recent unemployment; he was not a town troublemaker or one of Leroy Hurley's wild friends; stayed mostly to himself, kept up his house and yard and showed up at church every Sunday without fail; why would he lie about seeing Blue that night (96) one of three men involved in a stand off at gas station on Main Street with Blue (115) one of the men who rode the dirt bikes over the tire tracks in the woods (116) somebody is paying him to say what he's saying; no matter how much money he's making, he's feeling lousy about having to lie; Lucy is betting he won't be able to look Blue in the eye, because deep down he's probably a decent man and he knows his story is a solid part of the case they're building against Blue (166)
Tommy Parker[One Appearance] 9-y-o; Blue had used his toy gun to defuse the situation (27) Matt Parker's son; let Lucy and Blue into his home (169)
Frank Redfield[Secondary Character] Hatboro Creek police officer; arrived at Main and Willow to help Lucy arrest Leroy Hurley, Merle Groggin, and Andy Hayes (27) thinning brown hair was standing up straight (60) 4 inches shorter than Lucy; thin as a rail; what he lacked in weight, he made up for in speed and good nature; was always friendly and respectful; had not complained when Lucy had joined their previously exclusively male organization; Tom Harper's best friend; thick South Carolina accent (61) kind; gentlemanly (221)
Benjamin Robinson[One Appearance] heavy man in a business suit; wore an obvious toupee (227)
Annabella Sawyer[Rare Appearances] police dispatcher; overly fond of the California police ten code; had clearly watched too many episodes of "Top Cops" (23) insensitive; older woman; smoker (205)
[Wesley] "Wes" [Skelly][Brief Appearance] [Book 11 : Night Watch] member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) unidentical twin; moved in unison with Bobby; he and Bobby; finished each other's sentences; wiry and short (14)
Snake[No Appearance] a member of mob from New York; the man who killed Gerry (246)
Jedd Southeby[Rare Appearances] worked at the Lighthouse Motel; said that Blue paid his bill around 1:00 a.m. and just walked out of there with some kind of heavy duffel bag over his shoulder (62) Travis's brother; small and angular (83)
Travis Southeby[Secondary Character] in Bobby Joe's Grill when Blue came in to eat; said eating with Gerry McCoy's killer would give him gas; an officer of Hatboro Creek Police Department (81) stocky police officer (82) Jedd's brother; small and beefy (83)
Betty Stedman[No Appearance] realtor; makes offer on Lucy's home every few months (85)
Mrs. Tait[No Appearance] Lucy's mother; worked in the office at the mill (45)
Bobby ["Bob" Taylor][Brief Appearance] [Book 10 : Taylor's Temptation] member of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad (7) unidentical twin; moved in unison with Wes; he and Wes finished each other's sentences; big and tall (14)
Edgar Winston[No Appearance] the only person Lucy had ever told about her high school crush on Blue; he was the only one who had known that she still carried a torch for a guy she never even really knew; he would have told her to go for it (34) Lucy's friend (193) dead; had been Lucy's business partner; platonic relationship; gay; Lucy met him in college; two days after they first met, it was it is as if they'd been best friends forever; they went into business together after graduation, computer software design; had an office in Charleston and made money like crazy; died of AIDS (195)

Locations, Organizations, Terms Found In "Forever Blue"
Location / Organization Description
Bluff Drivethe street Lucy was driving on, headed toward the beach (71)
Bobby Joe's Grillwhere Lucy was meeting Sarah for lunch (16)
BUD/SBasic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training (126)
Carolina Islandthe seaside resort located several miles North of the Hatboro Creek town line (38)
CharlestonGeorgetown bus headed to Charleston; left at 4:20 a.m.; had a naval base in the city (63) where Edgar and Lucy had their computer software design business (195)
Charleston Music Societythey want Sarah to be part of their winter concert series as a featured artist doing a program of French art songs (114)
COcommanding officer (14)
Desert Stormwhere Blue was stationed when Arthur McCoy died (20)
FInCOMFederal Intelligence Commission; provided intelligence reports to SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad regarding Karen Branford's location (8)
Fox Run Roadthe street on which Lucy's house sat (73)
Gate's Hill Roadwhere Gerry McCoy's body had been found (60)
Georgetownnearly 15 miles away from Hatboro Creek; has the nearest all-night bus station (62)
Hatboro County Clubwhere Gerry and Jenny Lee's rehearsal dinner was being held; where Lucy was meeting Blue (36)
Hatboro Creek[Book Setting] where Lucy Tait was from (14) in South Carolina (15) so small that the police officers weren't required to memorize any kind of code (23)
Hatboro Creek GazetteHatboro Creek's newspaper; Blue was reading it while he ate lunch at Bobby Joe's Grill (22)
Hatboro Creek Men's ClubGerry recently became a member; R.W. Fisher's invitation-only elite organization that took on community projects (163)
Hatboro Creek Police Departmentwhere Lucy worked (57)
Heckleran assault weapon that Blue used (28)
Hell Weekthe endurance test that SEALs had to pass (13) soldiers are allowed only four hours of sleep all week; they have to sleep in 15-minute segments, while air-raid sirens are wailing; if they quit during Hell Week, they're out of the program (21)
IBSthe SEAL's rubber life raft (129)
KIAkilled in action (13)
Koch MP5-Kan assault weapon that Blue used (28)
Lighthouse Motelwhere Blue was staying while in Hatboro Creek (35)
Main at Willowwhere a 415 was taking place, possibly a 10-91A (22)
Main Streetstreet where gas station was located in which Blue was standing off against Merle Groggin, Matt Parker, and Leroy Hurley (115)
New Jerseywhere Joe Cat was from (151)
Northgatecorrectional institution to which Blue was transferred after his bail hearing (216)
Outback Barwhere Lucy saw Ronnie cutting loose by dirty-dancing with Joe (249)
point manA point man could lead his team of SEALs silently right up to an enemy encampment without being discovered (90) A point man could lead his squad single file through a mine field without a single injury. A point man moved silently, carefully, always alert and watchful, responsible for the safety of his men (91)
SEALstands for Sea, Air and Land; Special Forces; super-commandos; experts in everything from underwater demolition to parachute assaults to piloting state of the art jets; have insane training sessions where they learn to work as a team under incredible stress; have to endure Hell Week (20) only the toughest and most determined men make the grade and become SEALs; it's a real status symbol (21) they were unconventional in every sense of the word; they were trained as counterterrorists, taught to think and look and act, even smell, like the enemy; due to the special skills of individual team members in areas such as language and cultural knowledge, they were able to lose themselves in any country and infiltrate any organization; they were tough, smart, mean, and dedicated; they were a different kind of American hero; every man in a SEAL unit was an expert in half a dozen different fields, including computers, technical warfare, engine repair, piloting state-of-the-art helicopters and aircraft (91) seals had no ulterior motives, at least not beyond unit integrity; in the heat of battle, in the midst of an operation, getting the job done and getting everyone out alive and in one piece became the single motivating force (164)
SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squadmembers: {1} Carter "Blue" McCoy; {2} Joe "Cat" Catalanotto; {3} Harlan "Cowboy" Jones; {4} Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon; {5} Bobby "Bob" Taylor; {6} Wesley "Wes" Skelly; {6} Daryl "Harvard" Becker (8) {7} Alan "Frisco" Francisco (13) each SEAL in the elite Team Ten was an expert scuba diver and extensively trained in demolition techniques -- both on land and underwater; each could parachute out of nearly any type of aircraft at nearly any altitude; they seemed superhuman, strong and rugged and very, very dangerous (91) we all need to have at least one language besides English that we can speak fluently. It's important on an overseas mission not to look and sound like an American. That can be a real kiss of death. Part of SEAL Team Ten's counterterrorist training is learning how to insert into a country and blend in. Hide in plain sight. (174)
South Carolinawhere Hatboro Creek was located; Blue returning for brother's wedding (15)
swim buddymeant that all throughout BUDS, they stuck together like glue; where one went, the other had to follow; they no doubt formed a bond that went way beyond friendship, based on respect and determination and an unswerving responsibility toward each other (126)
The Rebel Yellroadhouse that Blue suggested that he and Lucy go have a beer and talk (58)
USS Franklinthe carrier which transported SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad when they rescued Karen Branford (13)
Veteran's Hospitalwhere Frisco was taken when he was injured (101)
Virginiawhere R.W. Fisher had his tobacco farms and cigarette factories before he sold them and moved to Hatboro Creek (51)

"Forever Blue"Quotations
29if there was one thing he'd learned in his stint as a Navy SEAL, it was that times -- and people -- were always changing.   Nothing ever stayed the same.   (Blue)
32 Blue McCoy wanted her.   He wanted her.   He was actually physically attracted to and interested in the tall, skinny, gawky, awkward Yankee tomboy, Lucy Tate.   (Lucy)
33his touch sent a wave of fire spiraling through her, down to the depths of her very soul   (Lucy)
41the sad truth was, Lucy had come here tonight with her eyes wide open.   She knew exactly what Blue wanted from her.   He wanted sex.   No strings, no desperate search, no falling in love, no softening hearts.
She knew that, and she'd come anyway.   (Lucy)
46"But I'm not alone,"she said softly.   "I'm with you."  (Lucy)
55The flash of pain that appeared and Blue's eyes left so quickly that Lucy was sure she was the only one who'd seen it.   But she had seen it.   Gerry's bitter words had hurt Blue deeply.   (Lucy)
74even as she had wished for his presence, she knew that what she really wished for was some kind of fairy-tale ending, for him to kiss her and confess that he couldn't live without her, that his only hope of finding true happiness was there in her arms.   (Lucy)
87If he had known then what he knew now, things would have been mighty different for him.   He probably wouldn't have left town with his heart stomped into a thousand pieces.   No, he would have left Lucy with her young heart trashed and broken, instead.   (Blue)
92The power of his desire was dizzying.   (Lucy)
101The truth was, Lucy didn't really know Blue at all.   Because he was mortal.   But all her powerful attraction, all her respect and admiration, was based on some idea of how he should be.   It was based on an image of the way she thought he was.   (Blue)
105 "I'm a SEAL.   And I can't forget that somebody out there killed Gerry.   I'm not walking around unarmed -- virtually naked -- with a killer on the loose.   And if that means I have to lie to you, Yankee, then I'm going to have to lie to you.   It's not personal.   Don't think that it is.   There's not a single SEAL alive who wouldn't lie to Mother Teresa herself to stay armed in a potentially dangerous situation like this one."  (Blue)
106"It's not just a kiss, and you know that as well as I do."  (Lucy)
118"If you expected more from me,"Blue exploded,"that's your problem, Yankee, not mine.   Because guess what?   I'm not perfect.   I never have been."  (Blue)
118"Guess what else?"he continued.   "I yell sometimes.   I like to yell.   I like to fight.   But I don't always win, because I'm not a hero.   I'm not always right.   I'm not always in control.   I make mistakes, sometimes stupid mistakes.   I get angry.   I get hurt.   I get scared.   And right now I'm all three of those things."  His voice got softer, and he looked away from her, out the kitchen window.   "Only I can't tell you that, can I?   Because . . . You expect more from me."  (Blue)
123Blue McCoy wasn't a hero.   He was a man, with a man's strengths and weaknesses.   Until his outburst, Lucy hadn't allowed herself to see past the comic book-perfect façade she constructed for him.   She hadn't allowed him to have any real human emotions or fears.   But he did.   (Lucy)
124"But I'm terrified of getting caught in a legal system that's corrupt -- and possibly controlled by the people who are trying to frame me.   I feel like I'm in the middle of a war that I don't know how to fight."  (Blue)
133The hero could only be worshiped.
But the man could be loved.
158A night of sex was understood by all to be nothing more than a good time.   But when breakfast was added to the equation, that night of sex became something else entirely.   It became a relationship.   It became a possibility, an expectation, a future commitment.   (Blue)
163If there was one thing Blue had learned in life, it was that most people had motives for every little thing they did.   (Blue)
176Lucy knew at that moment that she loved Blue McCoy without any doubts, without any reservations.   It had seemed so complicated last night and this morning, but it really wasn't.   It was as simple as it could possibly be.   (Lucy)
194"You know, that's what I do love about you, Lucy.   You just grab right hold of the point of a conversation and shake it by the neck.   No tiptoeing around."  (Blue)
199 "None of them ever tried to get to know me."  (Blue)

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